Friday, November 14, 2014

13 Nov 14 – Day 7 (Melbourne City)

Dressed in the newly bought sleeveless top with a flannel shirt and I was all ready by 6:40am because needed to be out of the house by 7am with CT and her husband. They took me to D. O. C. at Lygon Street for breakfast and I had cream-filled brioche and mocha. We chatted over breakfast till 8:30am then SY sent CT to her workplace before dropping me at the Federation Square.

It was 8:45am and I started the walking trails of “The Art of Sport” and “Secret Garden”. The direction of the walking trail and the map didn't match and I only found out that I had mixed up the direction and map of two different trails after I reached the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia. Walked back to the Federation Square while thinking how fortunate that I didn't walk too far before realising my mistake. Found a A$0.05 along the way and for some strange reason, I felt good after finding the coin. Took off my flannel shirt because it was getting hot and then I went into the Visitor Centre to collect some materials on Mornington Peninsula before starting the trail on “The Art of Sport” again at 9:30am.

Stopped along the Yarra River near to the Artplay to take a selfie and I accidentally dropped the remote control. It scared the hell out of me because firstly, the selfie-stick belongs to my little big sis; secondly, I thought I had dropped it into the river; thirdly, even if it was not into the river, I was afraid that the remote control might be spoilt. Quickly went down to the lower part of the Yarra bank to search and managed to find the remote control. Then quickly did a test by taking one selfie and fortunately, it worked. Continued with the trail, missed a few sights and cut short the walking trail because I had seen some of the sights during my mistake earlier on. I spent a bit of time along the Yarra River on the side where the Melbourne University Boat Club was to try the selfie-stick again by taking a few more selfies. After I was happy with the selfies, I went to the CBD area and popped into a random café called Grasshopper’s Feast located in a random lane to have early lunch at 11:30am. Degrave Street was just too packed to have lunch in comfort. Ordered Chicken & Mushroom Risotto and lemon lime bitters and took my time to enjoy the food.

After I was done eating, went into David Jones to use the wifi to message little big sis, check emails and FB. Went to browse the shops around Myers as well as some other smaller shops in the area because I just wanted to escape from the brutal heat. Tried a couple of dresses in a shop because they were really a steal but unfortunately, the dresses didn't fit nicely. Finally, I started another walking trail called “Secret Garden”, which covers the Queen Victoria Garden, King’s Domain, Shrine of Remembrance and the Royal Botanic Garden, at 2pm.

Didn't stick to the trail very closely because it was really hot and I was pressed for time given that I had to get back to the Federation Square for CT to pick me up about 7pm. Got back to the Federation Square about 4+pm and since it was still early and I was feeling very hot, I decided to just pop into any random café to drink something cooling. Guessed today was really my lucky day because I found Ganache Chocolate Lounge when I was not looking for it. Happily popped into the shop, found a comfortable seat and ordered a Black Forest Slice Cake and a Raspberry Apple Frappe while waiting for CT to call or message.

Felt really satisfied and well rested, made payment close to 6pm and walked slowly back to the Federation Square where I used the free wifi there to message little big sis and check FB. Received a message from CT telling me to message her when I am ready for pick up. Replied to her that I was already in the Federation Square, that I had already eaten and that she could pick me up when she is ready. She then replied back saying that she would pick me up around 7:15pm. Stayed in the Federation Square to write blog, use wifi and listen to the live music performance since most of the shops would have already closed for the day. CT and her husband came to pick me up around 7pm and drove to IKEA at the suburb for coffee because they do not know where else to bring me to. So while SY went to order coffee and some food, I showed CT the materials I had collected this morning on Mornington Peninsula. Talked briefly about what we could do and see in Mornington Peninsula before walking around IKEA and then headed back to her place for the night. I thought after we got back, we would retire back into our rooms to rest for the night. Unfortunately, that was not the case. CT happily went to cut some mangoes that she had bought a few days ago so that we could eat while continued with the discussion on the planning for the coming weekend. Guessed she really enjoyed having guests at home and playing good host. Packed up a bit before sleeping at 12+am.

Thought: Was really glad that I was in sleeveless top, would have been even better if I were in shorts too. Interesting thing was that I saw two ladies in their bikinis sunbathing in the park. Another interesting thing that I noticed was that the locals like to sit on grass. They can just sit down directly onto the grass and start eating their food and chit-chat. It is a pity that I didn't have enough time to cover most, if not all, of the Botanic Garden. I would have enjoyed it a lot given that I like plants and I believed the plants would have made very pretty photos. Also I would have love to explore more of the Shrine of Remembrance, especially when this year marks the 100 years of WW I.

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