Wednesday, December 24, 2008

23 Dec 08 – Day 12 (Paris)

Again had breakfast in Hotel Pullman Paris Rive Gauche around 9.30am and stayed in the room till check out close to 11.30am. Today we opted for the optional tour to Palace of Versailles with some of the other passengers and we left around 3+pm. The Palace was big with many rooms that were beautifully painted and decorated. Headed to Fragonard near the Opera House for an English tour; bought some items before rushing back to the hotel for the last minute packing and left for the airport at 6pm. Reached airport, did the tax refund procedure, check in and waited to board the plane at 9+pm.

Monday, December 22, 2008

22 Dec 08 – Day 11 (Paris)

Took our breakfast in Hotel Pullman Paris Rive Gauche around 8.30am and went out around 9.30am. Today we had the entire day to ourselves and before the trip, I had already planned the itenery. Took metro line 8 (Balard Station) to Concorde then changed to line 4 to Cite where we visited Notre Dame Cathedral and saw the zero point of Paris. Didn’t get to climb the tower in Notre Dame Cathedral and didn’t get to see the emmunael bell as well as the gargoyle though. Walked around St. Louis Island, found La Maison Berthillon but didn’t get to eat coz Kim didn’t want to. We then walked along Boulevard St Gemain des Pres and found Patrick Roger but didn’t buy anything coz the things were very expensive. Missed a turn therefore didn’t get to find Laduree Bonaparte as well.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Center Point of Paris

One of the many stained glasses inside Notre Dame Cathedral

Part of the Interior of Notre Dame Cathedral

Part of the exterior of Notre Dame Cathedral

La Maison Berthillon

Turned into Rue des Saints Peres and cross Pont du Carrousel instead of Pont des Arts and along the way, we bought a 30cm long baguette with hotdog, cheese and mayonnaise each as lunch and ate under Pont du Carrousel. Headed to Musee du Louvre where we took some photos at the glass pyramids before walking through Jardin des Tuileries to reach Place de la Concorde. Strolled along Avenue des Champs Elysees through the Winter Market and went into the Disney shop, Adidas shop, etc. Bought some macaroons from Laduree Champs before walking to the L’Arc de Triomph to see the ceremony. Didn’t get to climb the L’Arc de Triomph coz Kim didn’t want to and also it was too foggy to see much even if on top. Saw some dog poos but fortunately we didn't step on any even though we didn't really walk with our heads down all the time. Headed back to the hotel around 7+pm via metro.

A stall along Blvd St Germain des Pres where we bought 30cm long baguette with hotdog, cheese and mayonnaise

Pont des Arts Bridge

Le Musee du Louvre with Glass Pyramid

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

The Tuileries Garden

Pond in The Tuileries Garden

Avenue Champs Elysees

L’Arc de Triomph at night

Beneath the Arc is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the First World War

Sunday, December 21, 2008

21 Dec 08 – Day 10 (Paris)

Ate breakfast in Hotel Escurial Logis De France at 8am and departed for Paris around 9am. Reached Paris around 1pm and ate lunch at Chinos Thailand. Went on a City tour with local guide on the coach from 2pm – 4pm with photo stop at the L’Arc de Triomph. Paris was very crowded and traffic was bad so crossing the road was a challenge. During the tour, we saw and passed by the place / tunnel where the late Princess Diana met with the fatal accident.

Sculpture of a giant golden flame on the Pont de l'Alma built in memory of Princess Diana who died on August 31, 1997 at the age of 36 in The Alma tunnel, on the north bank of the River Seine

Luxor Obelisk

Le Grand et Petit Palais

LV Boutique

L’Arc de Triomph

Visited Eiffel Tower level 2 and had another photo stop near Monument to Peace. Trinkets such as Eiffel Towers were cheaper if bought from those people selling near the area than from the shops selling them coz due to winter time, it was considered trough season. Had free & easy time at Galleria La Fayette where we saw the dome ceiling and ate at the MacDonald there till 6.30pm. Went for the River cruise at 7.30pm for 1hr 10min and reached Hotel Pullman Paris Rive Gauche around 9+pm. Didn’t get to go to Trocadero to take better photos of the Eiffel Tower coz Kim didn’t want to.

River Seine

Monument to Peace & Eiffel Tower

Dome of the Invalids

Gilded Sculptures of Pont Alexandre III

Le Grand et Petit Palais

Opéra National de Paris
Galleria La Fayette

Dome Ceiling inside Galleria La Fayette

La Grande Roue (Ferris Wheel)

Eiffel Tower at night

Closer shot

Another angle

Saturday, December 20, 2008

20 Dec 08 – Day 9 (Chenonceux & Tours)

Took breakfast in Hotel Digue, MSM around 7am and departed for Loire Valley at 8am and reached around 12+pm. We had our lunch at Hostel du Roy and then we toured Chenonceux around 2pm till around 3.10pm with a local guide. We were given free & easy time for 40min before traveling to Tours City for sightseeing. There was another winter market in Tours City but this one has stalls selling clothes, bags and flowers so we walked around Winter Market from 5pm till 6.20pm and dined at Chinos Taiwan at 6.30pm before checking into Hotel Escurial Logis De France for the night.

House In Chenonceaux

River Cher Of Chenonceaux

Road towards Château de Chenonceau

Château de Chenonceau

The Chapel inside Château de Chenonceau

The Louis XIV Living Room. On the Renaissance chimney, the Salamander and the Stoat conjure up the memory of Francis I and Queen Claude of France.

Five queens' bedroom. Named in memory of Catherine de' Medici's two daughters and three daughters-in-law. Queen Margot (wife of Henry IV), Elisabeth of Valois (wife of Philip II of Spain), her daughters and Mary Stuart (wife of Francis II), Elisabeth of Austra

Tours City Tour