Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Dec 08 – Day 4 (Brussels)

Had breakfast in hotel Die Port Van Cleve and then departed at 9am from Amsterdam to Brussels on a 3hr journey. We did a photostop at Atomium around 12+pm and passed by the Chinese Pavilion and Japanese Pagoda. Then lunched at Restaurant Chauchow City (HK Restaurant), which was near Grand Place around 1pm.


Eva brought us to walk around Grand Place and showed us Manneken-Pis where we took turns to take pictures. She then brought us to hunt for Jeanneke-Pis before showing us her favorite shop “Moeder Babelutte” for purchase of chocolate where I bought Liquor Truffles and Seashells Chocolates. Went to another shop to get some souvenirs before heading to Dandoy, which is famous for their waffles. There were a few outlets of Dandoy along the street and I didn’t get to eat the waffles coz my friend didn’t want to share with me. So instead I bought a packet of speculoos, Belgian tradition biscuits.



"Moeder Babelutte" Chocolate Shop

We were given free & easy time for the rest of the day till 7pm and so we explored the Winter Market. It was my first time to a Winter Market and there were a lot of interesting things and food to see and eat. However, we only managed to covered part of the Winter Market near the Bourse and Grand Place, so didn’t get to see the ice-skating rink, the Ferris wheel and carrousel which were further away.

Grand Place

There were a lot of restaurants selling seafood and mussels but I was told that Chez Leon served the best and freshest mussles. So ate there and even Kim who doesn’t like mussels commented that they were good. The service was good too and staffs were friendly. When one of them saw us taking photos of our food, he even offered to take a photo of Kim and me with our food. After we were done, we went to see the Electrabel show and it was breathtaking. Finally we checked into Hotel Gresham Belson around 7+pm and ended our day.

Our dinner at Chez Leon

Electrabel show

Electrabel show

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