Sunday, May 31, 2015

31 May 15 (Sun) – Lemongrass Granita

Since it is a long weekend and the weather has been very brutal lately, I decided to make dessert. Was considering either rambutan ice cream or lemongrass sorbet and in the end, lemongrass sorbet wins. Found a recipe by Epicurious on minted lemongrass sorbet and try it out. As I do not have mint, I omitted that ingredient, plus this time round I remember to churn it every 45 minutes before freezing overnight.

---------------- Edited on 2 Jun 2015 ----------------

Tasted the sorbet yesterday but the texture did not look like sorbet. Instead, it looked more like granita. Pondered upon it and came up with a couple of theories, either it was due to the addition of honey or because the base syrup was not thick enough or it was the way I churn it. Perhaps next round I should try to use real fruit juice in the making of sorbet and churn it using a whisk instead of a fork. Anyway, it was still refreshing especially when taken during the brutal hot weather.

Brought two cups to office for CC and TYY to try. CC told me that it was very fragrant; she likes it a lot because the sweetness was just right. She suggested that perhaps next time I can add a zest of lemon to give it a zing. Sounds good. I ate it with some pomegranate seeds yesterday and it was really good because the sour pomegranate seeds complemented the sweetness of the granita. So I guess the idea is to have a bit of sourish taste within the sweetness.

TYY said overall it's a bit too sweet for her liking. She then gave two suggestions to balance the sweetness. 1. Add something sour (e.g. lime) or 2. Boil and heat the sugar a bit before dissolving it, so that the caramelisation comes out more, giving it an earthier sweetness. She also commented that the texture of the ice is actually very good, it melts immediately in the mouth and that it doesn't stay as a clump of ice

Well… At least an improvement from the last chrysanthemum sorbet or should I say granita. =)

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