Saturday, September 26, 2015

26 Sep 15 (Sat) – Broccoli Egg Tofu

Saw a dish called spinach egg tofu on a tv show recently but didn’t manage to jot down the recipe. Since I had some broccoli on hand so decided to try recreating the dish on my own. The result was different from what I saw on the show. The spinach egg tofu had a nice emerald green colour but mine was still yellow in colour with the broccoli bits cut from the broccoli’s crown found at the top of the tofu. Despite the difference, the egg tofu had a nice hint of soy and egg taste.

Maybe next time I should try cooking the spinach first, then minced or blend them before mixing them with the egg and soy milk mixture. Maybe I could also try adding a little bit of salt or light soy sauce to it so that it will not be too bland. 

Some bits cut from the crown of a few broccoli florets 
68ml soy milk
1 egg

1.  Line a small rectangular baking tin with baking paper
2.  Beat egg and soy milk till well combine
3.  Add in broccoli bits and mix well
4.  Pour the egg mixture into the lined baking tin
5.  Cover the tin with foil
6.  Steam it for 12 mins in a pot with a lid on using medium heat
7.  Lift the lid up a bit to release some steam every 4 mins
8.  Off the heat after 12 mins and cut into slices
9.  Serve with tobacco sauce

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