Thursday, December 10, 2015

10 Dec 15 – Day 11 (Christchurch)

Flight back was for 12 noon so we didn’t have to wake up early like other days. Got up about 8+am, then ate breakfast about 9+am. Checked out and then we headed to the airport. Again Cynthia had problem with sitting arrangements and we had to inform her of our seat numbers so that she could rearrange. After we were done checking in our luggage and stuff, we browsed the shops inside the airport and I bought a pack of three small bottles of kiwi fruit jams. I was a bit worry initially because I wasn’t sure if they can get past the security checks. The sales staff assured me that there wouldn’t be any problem. We then popped into another shop and I saw a pair of silver fern ear studs and told SWT that they might be suitable for her ears and would most likely go well with her silver fern pendant. She looked at them and fell in love. Quickly made her purchase and then popped into the toilet to change the ear studs. Soon it was time to go to the boarding gate for our flight home. After 10+ hours on the plane, I was back to my home country.

Thoughts: Overall it was a really wonderful trip. I can strike an item off my bucket list. I hope I can go visit NZ again on my own so that I can explore the country slowly. 

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