Saturday, July 17, 2010

17 Jul 10 (Sat) - Tteokbokki

Finally got to know and taste Tteokbokki during the Food Festival in Ngee Ann City two weeks ago. M has been telling me about Tteokbokki since don’t know when. I never knew what it was exactly, only that it refers to rice cake. I thought I was some kind of rice crackers or something. After trying that once and I was hooked and I went back to the Food Festival again to eat that the second time. No wonder M always crave for Tteokbokki and anything ddok. She even said one can bribe her with ddok. Searched for the recipe on Tteokbokki on the Internet and found what I was looking for at the

Hunted for the ingredients and finally able to cook it today with some modifications. Followed the steps closely and tried to get the taste right through my memory. Messaged M to come and collect her Tteokbokki and asked her for feedback. She said it was normal spiciness and sauce was not thick enough but it was still good overall. We then chatted for a few hours on things like her new school life; K-pop, etc.

Realized that we seem to have grown closer this year coz of all the cooking, food and interest in K-pop, K-variety and especially the group U-KISS. I would ask her to my place to get food and she in turn would pass me new songs, variety shows and stay to chat with me for hours. I was even surprised when she asked me along for U-KISS fansign and showcase and even introduced me to her friends. Initially felt that I was kind of too old for this but then after that, I realized it was quite an experience. Was glad I went and felt that it brought us closer still. Anyway, just some of my thoughts on top of the entry on Tteokbokki.

Korean Rice Cake (Tube-form)

Korean Red Pepper Paste

(Korean Rice Cake, Korean Red Pepper Paste, Nappa Cabbage and Fish Cake)

8 ounces Korean Rice Cakes, tube shaped (ddeok bok ee ddeok)
2 tbsp korean red pepper paste (kochujang)
1 tsp chopped garlic
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp light soya sauce
A dash of pepper
1/4 napa cabbage, roughly chopped
1-2 sheet fish cake, cut into bite size

1.  Put rice cake in a pot, add water to cover, bring to a slow boil and cook until soft
2.  Add red pepper paste, garlic, sugar, soya sauce, and pepper and bring to a boil
3.  Reduce heat and simmer until the sauce thickens a bit
4.  Add cabbage and cook for 2-3mins
5.  Add fish cake, simmer for another 1-2mins and serve hot

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