Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Oct 10 (Sun) - Black Glutinious Rice Porridge [Bubur Pulut Hitam] (黑糯米粥)

Was at my sis's place together with M since yesterday to spend the weekend. Couple of weeks ago, I bought a packet of black glutinous rice and a small packet of coconut milk but didn't have the chance to cook. Therefore, I brought them up to my sis's place to make Bubur Pulut Hitam since my sis like that dessert. Only used half the packet which was 100g of black glutinous rice to make a four persons' share coz I don't know if her other family members eat that dessert.

Started cooking around 9am after breakfast. The preparation was fast since it only required washing of the rice. It was the cooking that took a long time. According to the recipe, it should take about 30min to cook but I forgot to check the time or set the timer so I had to check the rice every now and then to prevent it from getting burnt. After it was cooked, added in the gula melaka syrup and off the fire. Drizzled some coconut milk over it and it was ready to serve.

My sis took a big bowl and let M tried some coz she has never eaten that before. After trying, she came into the kitchen and asked for more so gave her the balance which was the equivalent of a rice bowl and the three of us sat around the dining table to enjoy our dessert.
Bubur Pulut Hitam - Black Glutinous Rice Porridge

100g black glutinous rice, washed and drained
5 cups tap water
4 stalks pandan leaves
50g gula melaka
1/2 cup thick coconut milk

1.  Boil black glutinous rice with water and pandan leaves for about 30mins until rice is cooked
2.  Add gula melaka and stir for another 5mins until sugar is dissolved completely
3.  Spoon into individual bowls and drizzle coconut milk over

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