Sunday, May 8, 2011

8 May 11 (Sun) - Green Curry Chicken and Preserved Raddish with Minced Meat

Bought a packet of green curry paste sometime ago so decided to cook it today. Also missed mum's stir-fry preserved raddish with minced meat in dark soya sauce therefore decided to attempt that as well. Went to the market yesterday morning to get the ingredients such as chicken breast meat, preserved raddish, minced meat and coconut milk. Then prepared the ingredients by cutting and washing them as well as soaking the preserved raddish overnight. So this morning was just taking them out to cook.

Started with the preserved raddish with minced meat. Heated up the oil, added in the shallot, garlic and then the minced meat and kept on stirring and cutting them to prevent them from sticking together. When the meat was half cooked, added the preserved raddish and then poured some dark soya sauce over it. When it was almost done, added the chili padi and some sugar so that the end product wouldn't be too salty. Scoped them up to a big bowl and took a couple of photos.

Next was the green curry chicken. Added water, coconut milk and the paste to a pot and bring to boil. Then added the chicken meat and after the chicken meat was cooked, off the fire and kept the pot covered. Didn't buy things like long beans, eggplants or carrot to go with curry coz it would be too much for me to finish.

Dancing Chef Green Curry Paste -
Front View

Preserved Raddish with Minced Meat

Green Curry Chicken
Dancing Chef Green Curry Paste -
Back View

Preserved Raddish with Minced Meat - Close up

Green Curry Chicken - Close up

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