Monday, May 2, 2011

2 May 11 (Mon) - Pandan Flavour Rainbow Steamed Sago Cake

Asked my sis to help me get the pandan pearl sago from Giant during her weekly grocery shopping and made the steamed sago cake today using another recipe I found. As I still have the red and blue food coloring so decided to be a bit adventurous. When I tried to take it out of the aluminum tray after it was done and cooled, the bottom of the cake still stuck to the tray despite the fact that I had greased the tray before pouring in the sago. Manged to get the cake out and cut into smaller pieces before coating then with grated coconut. The center of the cake seemed to be firmer than my previous attempt but it didn't have the pearly effect. The effect of the red, blue and green color looked nice though. Tasted my creation and found that it wasn't sweet enough but there was a faint tint of pandan flavour.

Pandan Pearl Sago

 Pandan Flavour Rainbow Steamed Sago Cake

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