Tuesday, August 9, 2011

9 Aug 11 (Tue - National Day) - Tripe Funghi Cream Sauce Pasta

Bought a box of premium mix mushrooms, a bottle of creamy pasta sauce and a packet of angel hair last week and so today cooked the triple funghi cream sauce pasta. Didn't follow any particular recipe and all measurements were to my own estimations. Washed and cut the mushrooms, poured some oil into the pan and added the mushrooms to stir-fry for a minute. Then added the cream sauce and some white wine and let it simmer while I cooked the angel hair in another pot till al dente. Arranged the cooked angel hair on plates, pour the cream sauce over and arranged the mushrooms before taking some photos of my creation.

Premium Mix Mushrooms

Creamy Pasta Sauce and Angel Hair

Triple Funghi Cream Sauce Pasta

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