Saturday, August 6, 2011

6 Aug 11 (Sat) - Song Pyeon

Went to Giant last Wednesday to get the ingredients I need for tomorrow's udon pancake since I was in Vivo City to go check out the long-sleeve t-shirt at Uniqlo. Ended up buying more stuff than I had intended to and one of them was the glutinous rice flour. So decided to attempt to cook song pyeon again today. Only used 100g of the glutinous rice flour, managed to get the dough formed, wrapped the peanut fillings and carefully moulded it into the half-moon shape. The amount of ingredients yielded about 10 song pyeon.

There were some pandan leaves in the fridge and since I didn't have pine leaves so used pandan leaves instead. Lined the plate with pandan leaves strips, placed the song pyeon onto them and put the plate into the steamer after the water was boiling. Checked the song pyeon after 10 minutes and they looked cooked but I thought another five minutes wouldn't hurt in case the center wasn't cooked. Turned out that I was terribly wrong.

When I off the fire after the 15 minutes was up, the song pyeon was already at the state of melting. Quickly transferred them to the bowl of water with some olive oil that I had prepared earlier. Had difficulty getting them off the plate coz they were stuck so in the end, my carefully shaped song pyeon all went out of shape. Oh well... people always said "Failure is the Mother of all Success" so I guess I just need to try again another time.

Song Pyeon

Song Pyeon - close up

Ingredients (Makes 10):
100g glutinous rice flour
6 tsp sugar
a pinch of salt
1/2 bowl boiling water
1/2 bowl peanut powder

1.  Mix the peanut powder with 3 tsp sugar and set aside
2.  Dissolve 3 tsp sugar and a pinch of salt in boiling water
3.  Add the solution bit by bit to the flour and combine them with hands
4.  Knead the mixture to form a dough
5.  Tear out some dough and roll it between the palms to make rice balls
6.  Press the thumb in the centre of the ball to make it shape like a cup
7.  Fill the cup with the peanut mixture
8.  Seal it using thumb and index finger to form a half-moon shape
9.  Wash a few pandan leaves, tear them to thin strips and line the plate
10.  Place the song pyeon over the pandan leaves on the plate
11.  Fill a pot with water and when the water boils, put the plate of song pyeon in to steam
12.  Prepare a bowl of water with a bit of olive oil
13.  Off the fire after 10mins, transfer the cooked song pyeon into the bowl of water
14.  Take them out after a couple of minutes and arrange onto a plate

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