Monday, August 22, 2011

22 Aug 11 (Mon) - Mango Flavour Yogurt with Tapioca Pudding

Made the mango flavour yogurt yesterday evening and then went on to cook the leftover DIY tapioca flour. Boiled some water with sugar and then added the flour. Stirred till thicken before steaming it for another 30 minutes. Cooled it before putting it into the fridge. Checked the yogurt this morning and then put the container into the chiller for the day.

Came back from work, scooped some pudding into a bowl and added some mango yogurt to go with it. Took some photos before eating. The sweetness of the pudding complimented the sourness of the yogurt. Talk about creative eh?

Mango Flavour Yogurt

Tapioca Pudding

Mango Flavour Yogurt with Tapioca Pudding


deck7 said...

how the heck did you get PINK tapioca pudding???Looks so yummy.

Lolandra.S said...

hello deck7, thanks for the compliment.

i simply boiled some water with sugar, added some red food coloring to make it pink then added the tapioca flour bit by bit and stirred till the mixture thicken before steaming it to make it firm. =)