Sunday, October 19, 2014

19 Oct 14 (Sun) - Eyeball Osmanthus Jelly

Been very busy since last month and only felt happier after crossing the mid of this month. Partly because the worse part of my busy schedule is over, partly because this month is Halloween month and partly because next month I will be traveling to Melbourne for holidays!

I don't really celebrate Halloween but love the mood of it with all the pumpkins and scary decorations all around. So since I am making osmanthus jelly to treat my colleagues, I decided to add a twist to it by making it Halloween themed.

After some brain-storming, the idea of having an eyeball in jelly came to mind. I was contemplating of having eyeball in blue / red / purple colored jelly but in the end decided to just stick with yellow since it was supposed to be osmanthus flavor. Then came the decision whether to leave the osmanthus flowers in the jelly as usual or out. In the end, I left them in because it seemed a bit boring to have just an eyeball in plain jelly.

 Here's staring at'ya!

Eyeball Osmanthus Jelly in Martini Glass

Started off by making the eyeballs using canned longan, lingonberry jam and blueberries. It was fun seeing the eyeballs all lined up on the plate. Then went on to cook the jelly using the usual method and finally assembled the eyeballs and jelly in the 3¼ oz plastic cups I bought from SKP. It was really fun to see the final product take shape. Now to see how my colleagues react tomorrow when they see the jelly.

Happy Halloween!

Ingredients (Makes 20 cups):
20 longans
20 blueberries
some lingonberry jam*
2.5 tsp dried osmanthus flowers
10g konnyaku jelly power
210g sugar
950ml water

1.  Fill longan with some jam before inserting a blueberry into the opening (scrape away excess jam, if any)
2.  Bring water to a boil in a pot, lower heat, add osmanthus flowers and simmer for roughly 2mins
3.  Add konnyaku jelly powder and sugar. Stir until powder and sugar are fully dissolved then off the flame
4.  Place one "eyeball" into one plastic cup then pour enough jelly solution to cover the eyeball
5.  Let the jelly cool down a bit in room temperature and chill in fridge till the jelly is set

* You can use any jam that is red in color

---------------- Edited on 20 October 2014 ----------------

Packed 20 cups to office for colleagues to try but only my usual group of food buddies ate. I guessed the rest were either too busy to eat or they had forgotten about the jelly or they just don't have sweet-tooth. Anyway, those who ate loved the jelly because this flavor seems to be their favorite (and have since sort of became my specialty in the department). CC saw my post on FB the day before and told me that initially she thought longan plus jam plus blueberry will be grouse but turned out they complimented one and another. She was very excited about the idea of making some herself. Hahaha... Hope I get to see her masterpiece.

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