Monday, June 27, 2011

27 Jun 11 (Mon) - Sweet Banana with Sago

Read that it is currently the durian season and also saw a food program on television yesterday recommending the nonya dessert called "Durian Pengat" so decided to google for the recipe today and hoping to get some durian in the afternoon to cook it after work. As the recipe requires coconut milk and was afraid that I may have leftover which I need to finish so googled other dessert recipes that make use of coconut milk. Chanced upon a recipe called "Sweet Banana with Sago Dessert" in a blog called Foodilicious and decided to copy and attempt it if I have any leftover coconut milk.

Went to Tanjong Pagar NTUC during lunch to get a pack of pandan leaves, a packet of pearl sago and a small packet of coconut milk. Then headed over to the market to see if there would be lots of durian available. Unfortunately, the lady from one of the fruit stalls told me that the peak of the season is next month so currently not many durians available. Nevertheless, I bought a small durian with about six seeds to be eaten fresh and a bunch of five fingers Del Monte banana.

After work, ate the durian, took my shower and then set off to cook the dessert. Followed the recipe as closely as I could and when I tasted it, it wasn't how it was described to be. Mine didn't taste sweet, instead it was towards saltish. So tried to save the pot of dessert by adding more white sugar and another banana. The amount of pearl sago wasn't enough either.

The end result wasn't too bad. So scooped some into the tiramisu glass I got from Interlaken to take some photos, then filled up a plastic container to bring to office the next day and the rest into a bowl to be eaten tomorrow after work. Left them on the table to cool before wrapping them with cling wrap and put into the fridge to chill.

Sweet Banana with Sago

Think I need to modify my next attempt such as using 80g pearl sago and only add salt at the end of the process to taste.

Ingredients (Make 5 small bowls):
200ml coconut milk
400ml water
3 tbsp pearl sago
2 large bananas, sliced
1 stalk pandan leaves
3 tbsp gula melaka
5 tbsp white sugar
1 tsp salt

1.  Wash the sago with water, drain and boil with water
2.  Add salt and pandan leaves then let simmer till sago turns transparent
3.  Add gula melaka and stir until dissolved
4.  Add the sliced bananas and the coconut milk little by little then let simmer until the bananas soften
5.  Add white sugar and stir until dissolved
6.  Turn off the fire and leave to cool
7.  Serve warm or chill

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