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7 Jun 11 – Day 5 (Jungfraujoch, Interlaken)

Today we started the day at 8:30am to go for the “Top of Europe” Jungfraubahn train ride. Our booking was for the 9:39am train and we boarded the train at the Lauterbrunnen station. The ride was about half an hour and we had two cabins to our group. Was seated on the left side of the train and ended up didn’t get good views of the mountains far away. So I had to depend on Kim to take photos of the mountain views. We made a stop but couldn’t remember if it was at the Grindelwald station or the Wengen station before continuing to Kleine Scheidegg which was a 2,061 m (6,762 ft) high mountain pass and where we alighted. Along the way I saw cows with big bells around their necks that sounded as they moved but the train was too fast for me to take photos of them.

Some photos of the train, the station and the views :

The three of us went ahead to walk up the hills towards the mountains and took photos along the way. Again I was a bit paranoid coz I was thinking how I was going to walk down the slopes in my sneakers even though it wasn’t slippery, there were small stones lying around the ground. I had to walk slow and choose my steps carefully. The view higher up was spectacular, the temperature was cooling and it felt so good to be close to the mountains which I believed were the Wetterhorn, Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, and Gspaltenhorn peaks. It was a pity that there were not enough flowers in bloom yet.

Some photos taken at Kleine Scheidegg :

There were a lot of people walking up with their hiking sticks, backpacks and some even brought their dogs along. We didn’t walk further due to time constrain and so we turned back to walk down. Used the ladies and then went to get ice cream from the Mövenpick Ice Cream push cart. I had the Espresso Croquant for CHF3.50 and it was heavenly. Soon we gathered at the meeting point at the stated time of 11:45am and waited. While waiting, one of the members suggested taking a group photo. Some of us handed Cecilia the cameras to take the group photo and I thought Mag or Kim would pass one over. In the end, it turned out that none of them did.

Train came and we took back the same seats but this time I got a closer view of the mountains therefore I managed to snap a couple of photos of the mountains. Got back to Lauterbrunnen station, boarded the coach and made our way back to Interlaken where we were given time to explore the town proper. The coach brought us to one end of the town where Cecilia told us we could find more eating places. When the coach passed by the “Grand Restaurant Schuh”, she told us that we should try the chocolates there coz they make them themselves. I believed her this time coz I remembered someone from TripAdvisor also told me about it.

Alighted and hunted for food. Mag and I wanted to try authentic rosti and so tried to find a restaurant that offers that dish. Bumped into Cecilia and she said Bebbis has that and so we walked all the way to the other end of the town to Bebbis for lunch. Ordered a rosti with sausage, macaroni original Swiss-style served with apple sauce to share with Mag while Kim had chicken chop with fries. Lunch was good except for the numerous flies flying around us which were very irritating.

Our lunch :


Done with eating and we walked the street. Headed to Migros to look around as well as get food for dinner. We bought strawberries, biscuits, chips, drinks, tarts, chocolates and other snacks. Popped into a MacDonald where Kim bought a box of chicken wings. Then along the way, Kim bought a number of Swiss Army knives as souvenirs for her friends while I got a couple more Swiss cow bells and a fridge magnet. Was tempted to get the Swiss Army knives but then I already have something similar and my sis has a card form.

Finally we passed by the “Grand Restaurant Schuh” and I bought a box of five liquor chocolates. I had a lot of coins and tried to count the amount. The sales assistant was very nice and offered to count them for me and I accidentally dropped a coin into the display cabinet. Felt so bad about it, thanked her and went out of the shop, happy with my purchase. Kim said she wanted to get postcards and stamps so we tried to ask if the shops sell stamps but they don’t.

The Grand Restaurant Schuh

Fortunately, we came across a post office so popped in to get stamps, Kim got two and I got three. Crossed the road to a souvenir shop to get postcards and then found a bench where we rested and wrote our postcards. Done with it and the post box was just beside us, so we took photos of us posting postcards. Kim wondered if the postcard she bought from Neuschwanstein Castle with the Germany stamp she posted in Switzerland would be able to reach her but we could only hope it does.

Some photos taken in Interlaken :

Gathered at the meeting point at 6pm and got back to hotel in about half an hour. It was the earliest that we ever got back to hotel. Mag went to the hotel lobby to check about the Wifi connection and took the room key with her. Kim wanted to cook instant noodles but couldn't put them into the microwave oven to cook. Told her that I heard that the family of three (mother with two daughters) staying next door had a portable kettle and maybe she could call them up to check if she could borrow. Nobody picked up the call and jokingly told her that she could try going out to the balcony and shout over and since we were actually very near, she might even be able to climb over.

Took my shower, packed a little and then settled down to eat my food. In the end, Kim didn’t cook her instant noodle. Ate around the dining table in the room where Mag had strawberries and fruit juices; Kim ate chips, chicken wings and drank soft drink while I had chocolate tart, a local snack, liquor chocolates, tiramisu and ginger ale. I joked that Mag had healthy dinner; Kim had savory dinner while I had sweet dinner. There were three wine glasses on the table and we pour our drinks into them to play make believe. We had much fun chatting, joking and fooling around. Soon it was time to turn in.

My dinner :

Thoughts: Would love to try walking / hiking in the mountains even for a few hours. I was surprised at the numerous big houseflies flying around even in cool temperature. The temperature was just nice for me and I walked the town in just my polo tee while I saw many others in light jackets. Happy to be able to try the chocolate from “Grand Restaurant Schuh” and they were really good. If it was winter and I didn’t have to go to Dubai later on, I would have bought more chocolates to bring back just like that time in Bruge.

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