Saturday, July 23, 2011

23 Jul 11 (Sat) - Colorful Rice Balls in Sugar Syrup (缤纷汤圆)

Had some glutinous rice flour left from my previous attempts at making song pyeon and peanut shiru tteok so decided to just finished it by making plain rice balls for my younger niece and nephew. Didn't follow any particular recipe or measurements. Everything was just by my own estimations. Since I have red food coloring and blue food coloring so decided to try using them as well.

When I was trying to make the pink dough, I used a chopstick to dip into the red food coloring and flung a bit of the coloring into the flour. It was after that then I realised that I should have added the coloring to the sugar solution instead.

So dipped the chopstick into the red food coloring and then stirred the coloring into the sugar solution to make it pink. Kneaded the dough but couldn't spread the original drops of coloring so ended up with a pink dough with thin stripes of vivid pink.

Having learnt from my previous mistake, I mixed the blue food coloring into the sugar solution and ended up with a uniform light blue dough. Scooped some for my younger niece to eat and after her first bowl, she asked for a second helping and commented that the rice balls looked like water babies.

Rice balls before cooking
Rice balls after cooking

Ingredients (rough estimations):
200g glutinous rice flour
1 stalk pandan leaves
9 tbsp hot water
9 tsp sugar
3 pinches of salt
600ml water
a drop of red food coloring
a drop of blue food coloring

1.  Divide the glutinous rice flour into three portions
2.  Make sugar solution using three tablespoons of hot water, three teaspoons of sugar and a pinch of salt
3.  Add the sugar solution little by little to one portion of the flour and knead the dough with hands
4.  Tear out some dough and roll it between the palms to make rice balls
5.  Put the rice balls on a plate and put into the fridge to be used later
6.  Repeat step 2 and add a drop of red food coloring to make a pink sugar solution
7.  Repeat step 3 to step 5
8.  Repeat step 2 and add a drop of blue food coloring to make a light blue sugar solution
9.  Repeat step 3 to step 5
10.  Boil 600ml of water with pandan leaves in a pot and add sugar till the desired level of sweetness is obtained
11.  When the water boils, remove the pandan leaves and add the rice balls
12.  Turn off the heat when the rice balls float

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