Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Review: Cakes in Jars by Grin Affair

Read about this cake shop in the quiet Everton Park estate called Grin Affair in the papers a couple of weeks ago. The shop sells cakes in glass jars which immediately caught my attention. Finally decided to try it today since it is near my office. Asked my food buddy, CC, if she wanted some and she asked me to help her get five jars. Besides cakes, the shop also sells dried fruits in jars.
The cakes come in twelve flavours namely:
1) Banoffee
2) Dark chocolate
3) Durian
4) Hazelnut
5) Kiwi cheesecake
6) Mango
                                         7)  Maron (chestnut)
                                         8)  Matcha and azuki bean
                                         9)  Strawberry custard
                                         10)  Lychee passionfruit with sea salt pistachio
                                         11)  Cookies and cream
                                         12)  Honey lavender and blueberry
and expanding due to the coming Christmas season. CC asked for one banoffee, one strawberry custard, one honey lavender and blueberry and two lychee passionfruit with sea salt pistachio which happens to be the latest addition.
Bought the honey lavender and blueberry for myself to try and the lady took the jars out from the fridge, removed the covers of the jars, then covered the openings with cupcake paper cases and tied with strings. It was interesting because she tied it in a way that one can actually carry the jars by the string.
I was told that the cakes can stay outside of the fridge for 1-2 hours so after buying, I quickly took a bus back to office since it was a very hot afternoon. Took some photos of the cakes before eating mine. When I removed the paper cover, I was greeted with a big, fresh blueberry.
Took a bite of the cake and was a bit disappointed because I couldn't really taste the lavender. Fortunately I could taste the honey and the cake itself was very smooth, moist with rich vanilla taste. And hidden in the mousse were big, fresh blueberries. Perhaps next time I should try the more popular flavours like banoffee, dark chocolate, durian and kiwi cheesecake.
Overall, it was an interesting concept to have cakes in glass jars.
Name: Grin Affair
Address: 3 Everton Park #01-77
Tel: 8282 7375
Product: Cakes in Glass Jars
Price: (1) to (9) at $5.50/jar; (10) at $6/jar; (11) and (12) at $4.80/jar

UPDATE: Shop moved to 2 Everton park #01-59A Singapore 081002 (Tel: 8222 2678)

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