Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Review: A Noodle Story

Read about this ramen stall "A Noodle Story" when I was reading an article about ramen in MyPaper (page A17) today. So happened that I went to Amoy Street Food Centre for lunch with my colleague and I remembered about this stall. Managed to find it and both of us decided to give it a try. The price for a bowl of ramen range from $5-7.

Despite that it is classified under the category of ramen, the noodle was actually Chinese egg noodles. There were a lot of toppings such as Japanese char siew which was really soft and tender; hot-spring egg which was very soft and the yolk slightly runny; Hong Kong wonton with shrimps as fillings and finally the crispy potato-wrapped prawn.

The stall owner took pain to arrange the toppings and garnish very nicely which made the whole eating experience very enjoyable. The soup that came with the noodle was very tasty too. I was really very full after eating the $5 version. For those who are bigger eaters, can give the $6 and $7 versions a try. Recommended on the basis of its uniquely Singapore style.

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