Saturday, March 31, 2012

31 Mar 12 (Sat) - Pig Kidney Mee Sua

Today's my dear little big sis birthday. Have been preparing for this day since one month ago. Last year I bought her flowers and baked her a birthday cake. This year I intend to buy her flowers again but cook longevity noodles for her. So googled for information on how to cook longevity noodles and found a few versions. Planned to adopt this version from the Noob Cook but couldn't remember whether my sis likes to eat mee sua. So casually asked her one day through sms and she replied she likes to eat mee sua especially the pig kidney mee sua. Hence, I decided to tweak the recipe to use pig kidney instead.

Didn't follow her on her weekly grocery shopping at Giant and spent the whole morning doing the preparation. Cut the cucumber and carrot into strips, soaked the pig kidney in salt water, cooked a hard-boiled egg and prepared the chicken stock as soup base. Messaged my sis on and off to get updates of her movements and locations so that I could estimate the time to cook the mee sua and the pig kidney. She replied that I was very long-winded today and I had to stop messaging her in case she suspects anything.

Finally she messaged saying that she was about to come back from grocery shopping and so I quickly cooked the mee sua and pig kidney. Arranged them in a bowl, poured in the soup base and topped with spring onion, carrot and cucumber strips as well as the hard-boiled egg.

Placed the bouquet of flowers beside the bowl of pig kidney mee sua and waited for her return. She smiled when she saw the things on the dining table but didn't seem surprise at all. Either she managed to hide her surprise very well or she knew I was up to something all along. Oh well... I do hope she likes what she saw.

Flowers and Pig Kidney Mee Sua
Close-up of the Pig Kidney Mee Sua

1 egg
1/2 pig kidney
1/2 chicken cube
1 bundle mee sua
1/2 soup bowl of water
spring onions, finely chopped
2" of a carrot, peeled and cut into strips
2" of a Japanese cucumber, peeled and cut into strips

1.  Rinse the pig kidney under running water
2.  Make light criss-cross cuts on the outer surface of the pig kidney then cut into 1cm strips
3.  Soak the pig kidney in salt water for 30 minutes
4.  Place egg in a pot of water and bring to boil
5.  Turn off the heat and let it stand for 15 minutes
6.  Remove the egg, place in a bowl of ice water, peel the egg and cut into halves
7.  Rinse the mee sua under running water to remove the starch
8.  Cook the mee sua in a pot of boiling water till soften while separate the strands using chopsticks
9.  Turn off the heat, place mee sua in a bowl of ice water to cool then transfer into a serving bowl
10.  Cook pig kidney in a pot of boiling water for about 10 minutes then arrange them on the cooked mee sua
11.  Dissolve the chicken cube in the 1/2 soup bowl of water and bring to boil to make chicken broth
12.  Pour the hot chicken broth over the mee sua and pig kidney
13.  Arrange the carrot strips, cucumber strips, hard-boiled egg on the mee sua and garnish with spring onions

Recipe submitted to Munch Ministry

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