Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 Mar 12 (Tue) - Rosti (Happycall Version #1)

Happycall cooking adventure continued for the fourth day straight. Before I dived into it, I got to announce that my yogurt ice cream failed. It was frozen rock solid and I couldn't eat it till I thawed it for about 10 minutes. Oh well... Maybe it needed some cream after all.

Anyway, back to cooking. Used my rosti recipe and thought perhaps I wouldn't need to put oil if I used the Happycall Pan for the frying. How wrong I was. I waited and waited for the underside to turn brown and crisp but it didn't happen. The potatoes got cooked but remained soft. I guess that's why the advertisement claims that the pan can retain the food moisture and blah blah blah.

In the end, I had to add some oil and not lock the pan for it to fry and brown. Instead of the usual method of flipping the rosti, I tried to flip the pan to cook the other side but again it was a mess. The rosti went to the side of the pan and got folded. Had to rearrange the potatoes and add more oil to fry.

After cooking two rosti, I decided to use all of the remaining potatoes to cover the whole pan to make an ultra-big rectangular rosti. Hehe... The conclusion? The flipping worked! However, it still didn't make a difference if I use the normal non-stick pan or the Happycall pan to cook rosti coz both need oil.

After I was done with the rosti, I cooked two sausages to go with them. Separated the food into two portions and packed them into containers to bring to work as lunch tomorrow and share with another colleague. While washing up, a thought struck me. Perhaps I could add some oil together with the salt and pepper to the grated potatoes before the actual frying on Happycall Pan without adding extra oil. Hrm... I should try that the next time.

Should I continue with my adventure tomorrow? Guess I better take a break so that I can continue with bigger cooking ideas over the weekend.

Boiled and skinned potatoes left overnight

Rosti with Sausages

Grated and seasoned


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