Saturday, December 18, 2010

18 Dec 10 (Sat) - Rosti

Went for dinner at Marche in Vivo last Sunday with sis and her family. Wanted to order rosti and BIL was already in the queue. He said that he would be ordering two plates to share, therefore I went on to order the Spanish Rice to share with sis. After he got back with the two plates of rosti, one plate went to Ry and the other was left aside coz he needed to go collect other food that he had ordered. So ate some rosti while eating the rice. After BIL came back with more food, he took the plate of rosti and placed it between Lyn and himself which was beyond my reach so didn't get to eat that anymore.

Throughout the week, I was thinking about rosti and how silly it would look if I were to go back to Marche just to eat rosti. Hence, the next alternative would be to try cooking it myself. Surfed the Internet on Monday to look for the recipe and found a few. I like sour cream to go with my rosti so went to hunt for sour cream during lunch the following day at the NTUC but couldn't find it. Googled on where I may be able to find sour cream in Singapore and saw a forum post that mentioned Cold Storage and Market Place.

The following day I was to meet with SWT for a movie at Plaza Singapura and so decided to go check out Carrefour to see if I can find the sour cream. Was so happy to find it and decided to try cooking rosti this weekend. Bought the US Russet Potatoes from NTUC during lunch on Friday, parboiled and peeled one of them at night to be used the following morning.

Bulla Light Sour Cream

Woke up, ate breakfast and started preparing the ingredients. It didn't take very long to prepare coz the only ingredient was just the potato which just needed to be grated. The cooking didn't take very long either, probably about 10mins per rosti.

After I was done cooking, arranged the rosti on a plate, added a scoop of sour cream and took a couple of photos of my creation. Then started eating it and it tasted just like the Marche rosti which I didn't get to eat much last Sunday. While eating, I was thinking if rosti can be modified to be a dessert instead. Probably will require some experimenting.

Rosti with Sour Cream

1 US russet potato
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp sour cream

1.  Boil potato in salt water for 15mins or until tender
2.  Placed potato in cold water, peel the skin and put in the fridge overnight
3.  Grate the potato coarsely into a bowl, add salt and pepper and mix it through
4.  Heat 1 tbsp of oil in frying pan, press the potato into the pan and cover with lid
5.  Cook for 5mins or until the edges are golden
6.  Invert pan onto a plate, add 1 tbsp of oil to the pan then slide rosti back to pan to cook the other side
7.  Cover the lid, cook for another 5mins and turn off the heat
8.  Serve rosti with sour cream

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