Saturday, December 11, 2010

11 Dec 10 (Sun) - Classic Chocolate Cake

Bought a box of Green's classic chocolate cake mix a couple of weeks ago intending to bake it at my sis's place during my previous visit. However, that weekend, my BIL bought the Xbox Kinect and we were all playing with that. Hence, only baked the cake this weekend.

Front View of the Cake Mix 

Back View of the Cake Mix with Instructions 

Borrowed the electric mixer, the 20cm cake tin and baking paper from sis's SIL in the morning and only started baking around 2+pm. Followed the instructions on the box closely such as adding 150ml milk, 60g butter, 2 eggs to the cake mix powder in a mixing bowl, used low power to mix the ingredients for 30secs before turing it to medium power to beat the ingredients for 2mins.

After that, poured the batter into the cake tin and put it into the preheated over to bake at 180 degrees for 45mins. Watched my BIL played Kinect and after about 30mins, went to check on the cake. The top of the cake cracked and quickly used a satay stick to test the middle part which turned out to be still wet. So reduced the temperature of the oven and let it baked till the end of the 45mins.

Took the cake out of the oven and then put it on the cooling rack to cool down while preparing the icing. According to the instructions, I added 20ml milk, 40g butter to the powder and beat it for 2mins before spreading it over the cake. It was a disaster. The icing turned out runny and wouldn't stick on the cake and that reminded me of the same result I had when doing the Steam Moist Chocolate Cake back in February.

Classic Chocolate Cake (Whole)

Sis suggested putting the cake into the fridge and so I did. After a couple of hours, we took it out and still the icing didn't quite stick. Sis cut the cake and it turned out that the cake itself tasted not bad but the icing was rather sweet. Headed out to East Coast Food Center for dinner and then when we came back, sis, sis's SIL and me had a piece of the cake each. Sis commented that it wasn't bad just that icing was a bit too sweet. Her SIL commented that the cake was a bit hard, perhaps was a little too dry. For me, I had the same opinion as my sis. Lyn saw us eating the cake and she asked for a piece and she later asked for another.

Classic Chocolate Cake (Slice)

I guessed I can't say that it was a total success and neither can I conclude that it was a total failure. At least it was edible and the most heartening thing was that even the most fussy gal, Lyn, ate two pieces of the cake.

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