Sunday, July 27, 2014

27 Jul 14 (Sat) - Osmanthus Flower Bird's Nest Soup

Received a piece of premium grade white house bird's nest sample from Eden Nest during the week. So decided to cook it for my little big sis who has just recovered from dengue fever last month. Brainstormed for ways to cook it so as to retain its nutrients while at the same time make it interesting. In the end, I decided that simple is the safest bet, especially when my little big sis can be a little bit fussy when it comes to her dessert.

The bird's nest was relatively clean, therefore, not much cleaning was needed after soaking and rinsing, hence, preparing it was a breeze.

1 tsp osmanthus flower
1 pc bird's nest
1 rice bowl of hot water
2 tbsp rock sugar

1.  Soak bird's nest for 45 mins - 1 hour or until softened. Remove any feathers or debris using tweezers
2.  Drain and rinse bird's nest using a fine sieve before putting it into a double-boiler
3.  Rinse the osmanthus flower using a fine sieve before putting it into a disposable filter bag for tea
4.  Placed the tea bag into the double-boiler together with the bird's nest
5.  Pour the hot water into the double-boiler and cover it
6.  Place the double-boiler into a big pot and fill the pot with water till it covers half of the double-boiler
7.  Bring the water in the pot to a boil before covering it and simmer over low heat for 1 hour
8.  Stir in the rock sugar to taste and cover for another 5 mins for the sugar to dissolve
9.  Remove the tea bag and serve at room temperature or chilled

Removed some osmanthus flower from the tea bag and placed them into the bird's nest soup for nice effects. Hee...

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