Saturday, February 8, 2014

8 Feb 14 (Sat) - Sunkist Orange Steamed Egg Custard (新奇士橙炖蛋)

First post in the year 2014 and in the year of the Horse! Today I made Sunkist Orange Steamed Egg Custard (新奇士橙炖蛋). Got the idea from one of the food item I saw on the River Hongbao 2014 website. According to the website, this dessert is a healthy dessert eaten by most Yunan women because it is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamin A and B, calcium, iron, etc. and is good for rheumatism, enhance immunity, soften blood vessels, promote digestion and absorption, etc. (sorry, unable to translate all of the explanation).

Finally, this!

1 Sunkist Orange*
1 Egg
150ml Fresh Milk
20g Sugar

1.  Cut the top part of the orange to create an opening
2.  Remove the flesh of the orange and take care not to break the orange peel then set aside
3.  Beat the egg in a bowl
4.  Warm the milk in the microwave but do not boil it
5.  Add the warm milk into the beaten egg then add sugar and mix well with a fork
6.  Use a spoon to remove the foam on the surface of the egg mixture
7.  Pour the egg mixture into the empty orange peel** and cover the opening with the top part of the orange
8.  Steam it for 12mins in a pot with a lid on using medium heat
9.  Lift the lid up a bit to release some steam every 4mins
10.  Off the heat after 12mins and serve hot or chilled

*   Depending on the size of the orange, it may be necessary to use two oranges instead.
** Do not fill up to the brim because during the steaming, the egg mixture may overflow.

Recipe featured in Munch Ministry's Homecooks Spotlight

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