Sunday, April 23, 2017

23 Apr 17 (Sun) - Lemon Curd and Trio Egg Spinach

Yesterday's attempt at Japanese Cheesecake was not very successful. So was looking forward to today's attempt at lemon curd and trio egg spinach. Have came across the words "lemon curd" many times, especially when I was browsing western desserts recipes, but never thought of attempting to make it until now. Search the Internet for recipes and finally decided to modify from the two that I had narrowed down: one by theKitchn and another by finecooking.

Used the recipe by finecooking and halved it but adopted the method of cooking from theKitchn. I realized that I had to work really fast towards the end when I had to strain the mixture before stirring in the butter because the mixture was starting to thicken as it cooled. The result was a smooth curd with nice yellow colour. Pour the finished product into a clean jam jar and left it aside to cool.

Then proceeded to cook the trio egg spinach. Had a craving for this dish after seeing it on a TV program recently. So search for a recipe and found one that was published in The New Paper. Followed the recipe but reduced the amount of spinach used. The end result? Think I should have added more chicken stock so that it can cover the spinach.

Done with the two dishes. Felt happy. So decided that it was time to do the taste test for the cheesecake from yesterday. Turned out to be quite nice, just that it didn't look nice. Texture-wise, not as smooth as it should be. Maybe because I substituted cake flour by mixing plain flour and cornflour and also because I did not fold the egg whites properly into the batter. Still, got to say that it was a good first attempt. The lemon curd was nice and tangy, and I ate it with another mini cheesecake. As for the trio egg spinach, it would be better if there was more gravy.

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