Wednesday, May 10, 2017

10 May 17 (Wed - Vesak Day) - Grilled Salmon with Sweet Potato Rice

Went to the market and saw the vegetable stall selling bags of purple sweet potatoes. Very excited and bought a bag of three. Had lots of ideas on how to use them. Purple sweet potato ice cream; purple sweet potato steam cake; purple sweet potato paste and so on. However, due to time constrain and given that I may not have enough people to help me to finish up the food, I had to shelf the ideas for another time.

Been following Ellena Guan of Cuisine Paradise on Facebook for a while now and lately she has been posting her home-cooked food served with purple sweet potato rice. The pictures really look nice and colourful. So I decided to do something similar. Since I have salmon so grilled it to go with the rice and added shredded cucumber as sides. The final result of purple, pinkish orange and green seems nice enough to be picture-worthy. Hahahahaha....

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