Sunday, January 24, 2010

24 Jan 10 (Sun) - SoEZ Lesson 1 (Jap)

It was late December 2009 when I followed my sis and her family to Great World City for a movie that I found out about SoEz Cooking Studio. Took a brochure from the reception counter, asked a few questions about the classes and registration before leaving. After a few weeks, I signed up for today’s Japanese Cuisine lesson. Usually Sunday means rest day and I won’t go out. However, chose today’s 4:30pm class was so that I could eat whatever I had cooked as dinner and whatever was leftover would become my lunch for tomorrow. For most of the afternoon, I was restless coz I kept thinking how the class would be conducted and if the instructor would be fierce.

Got there early, registered my attendance and the receptionist asked if I would like to join as member coz member gets 10% off for subsequent lessons and additional 20% on birthday month. So signed up since I could foresee that I would be going for more lessons. Today’s class consisted of five persons, a couple, a young girl, a Caucasian and myself. The instructor was Chef Kent Seah of Tetsu. It turned out that my worries were unnecessary. He was friendly and chatty. While teaching, he also joked and told us his learning during his younger days in Japan. We learnt three dishes: So Easy Japanese Curry Rice; Famous Tetsu Breaded Pork Loin (Rosu Katsu) and sushi. While making sushi, we were encouraged to use as much ingredients as we want. It was fun throughout the whole lesson.

After lesson was over, collected my goodie bag and headed home straight. Once back, took pictures of my creations before devouring them.

The welcome pack when signed up as SoEZ Cooking Studio member

So Easy Japanese Curry Rice (minus the rice)

Famous Tetsu Breaded Pork Loin, "Rosu Katsu"
(The Japanese Restaurant "Tetsu" signature dish)

California Temaki (Hand Rolls)

California Maki and Small Mak

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