Sunday, May 24, 2009

23 May 09 –Day 7 (Taipei)

Last day of our trip so we slept till 8+am and only took breakfast at 9.30am. Walked around the hotel area and went to Carrefour coz SWT needed to get luggage belts for her luggage. After that, we went to Ximen Station to get our Easycard refunded before going to Cold Stone to get ice cream. Walked around XMD while eating and then headed back to the hotel to do our final packing and check out at 1pm. SWT asked the receptionist for direction to Taipei Intercity Bus Terminal and she asked what bus we would be taking to TTIA. Told her we would be taking Kuokuang and she said she could help us call for the Kuokuang shuttle bus to pick us up at the hotel to the Bus Terminal.

Front view of our hotel

Fa Hua Temple

Mascot of XMD

Cold Stone Signature ice cream - very berries

Cold Stone Dark chocolate ice cream with almond

So the arrangement was to take the 3.30pm shuttle bus. Since we had time to spare, we left our luggage under the staircase and headed out to XMD again. Bought KFC egg tarts for myself, SWT bought peach pie from MacDonald and we bought ice tea from a shop and we ate in the hotel while waiting for the bus. Reached the Bus Terminal close to 4pm and boarded the airport bus to TTIA. Got to TTIA close to 5pm and did our check in. Walked around TTIA and then ate dinner at Mr Brown Coffee before going into the boarding gate. Flight took off at 7.10pm sharp and we reached Changi Airport about 11.35pm.

KFC Egg Tarts

MacDonald's Peach Pie

Dinner at the Airport - Soup Bread with Tea for SWT

And Baked Spinach Lasagna with Orange Juice for me

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