Monday, May 18, 2009

17 May 09 – Day 1 (Taipei)

Reached Changi Airport Terminal 1 around 11.45am to check-in. Walked around T1 with SWT before going to BK for lunch about 12.30pm. Headed to gate C24 for boarding but the flight was delayed. Hence we only boarded the plane at 1.50pm and it only took off at 2.30pm. The plane landed at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TTIA) about 6.40pm. Quickly collected our luggage and looked for the counter to apply for Youth Pass. The staff asked for our passports to verify our age before handing us the forms to fill in. After we were done, she handed the passes and the information booklets that tell us what benefits that we were entitled to. Looked for the Kuokuang bus counter to buy round trip tickets that cost NT$230 per person. Took the 7.25pm bus and the journey took about 50min. Got to the Taipei Intercity Bus Terminal, alighted, collected luggage and started to hunt for the way to the Taipei Main Station. Along the way, we passed by the TRA counters and so collected the Hualien tickets.

Spent close to 45min to locate the Taipei Main Station after asking a few people. Used the free Easycard to get to Ximen Station, got out from Exit 1 and saw TS Hotel purple signage on the left side. Crossed the traffic light, which was directly in front of the station and walked to the hotel. Along the way, we passed by a police station, a few shops selling bubble tea and a few shops that sell/rent dance costumes. Reached the hotel, the staffs were friendly and the check-in was done quickly. By the time we got to our room 601, it was already 9pm. The room that I had booked was a Superior Suite that came with bathtub, spa shower and windows facing the road. We rested and then headed out to Shilin Night Market (NM) about 10pm. Bought NT$500 Easycard each at Ximen Station and took the MRT to Jiantan Station to look for Shilin NM. We walked the side that had shops selling clothes and accessories. Bought 胡椒饼, 大腸包小腸 and an Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Cone to share. Headed back to Jiantan Station at 11.30pm to take MRT back to the hotel.

Youth Pass

Hualien TRA Tickets


Thoughts: Taipei Main Station is big, believe me. If you are a first timer to Taipei Main Station carrying luggages, please ask the station personnel for directions to get to the correct escalator to go down to the MRT station. Don’t waste time trying to find your way by looking at directional signs.

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