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16 May 10 –Day 1 (Macau)

The plane took off at 6am and after 3hr 25min, it landed at Macau International Airport about 9.40am. By the time we checked-out, collected luggage and exchanged HK$500 each to MOP$, it was already close to 11am. Tried to figure out where AP1 goes to and after asking the lady at the Visitor Information Counter, we took AP1 to the Macau Ferry Terminal and then looked for the free shuttle to the Grand Lisboa. Actually after alighting from AP1, we just needed to walk straight to the other side of the terminal to look for the shuttle buses that go to the various hotels and casinos. But we didn’t know and we saw some buses with hotel logos on the opposite side of the road and so we crossed the underpass to get to the other side. We couldn't find the bus that we wanted and so asked around only to find out that we needed to cross back to the other side (the terminal side) to look for it. So lugged our luggage and crossed the underpass again.

Got up the shuttle bus to Grand Lisboa and it took us straight to the entrance of the casino instead. SWT had to ask the staff there to let us take the restricted escalator up to the main lobby where we got out of the building. Asked the policemen in front of Grand Lisboa how to get to Nam Pan Hotel. Got the direction and we dragged our luggage about 3-5min over cobbled pavement all the way to Nam Pan Hotel, which was visible with only a brown signboard hanging from the second floor.

We had to carry our luggage all the way up a few flights of narrow stairs to get to the guesthouse. Told the lady of our reservations and the triple sharing room was just near to the so-called reception counter which was just a table. Made the full payment of HK$1920 without deposit and then went into the room to settle down. Took some photos of our room as well as get some rest. KC took the bed nearest to the window; SWT took the middle one while I took the one nearest to the door. Room was small and simple with basic needs (TV, Mini Bar, Toiletries). After some rest and discussions, we went out again around 12+pm. The lady from the guesthouse advised us to take the free shuttle to City of Dreams (CoD) to get to Taipa Island.

Our beds

Part of our room

Before taking the shuttle bus, we went to the New Yaohan, which is just about 10min walk from our guesthouse to get water and bread as lunch before heading to Hotel Sintra to catch the shuttle. We ate the bread as our lunch on the bus and then alighted at the CoD. Walked over to Venetian and tried to figure our way to Taipa Village. Asked a security guard and followed his directions of going to the Hotel West Lobby, cut across the coaches' car park, saw a football court and walked along the road straight. Managed to find the village, looked at the flea market and we were disappointed about it coz it was very small and not a lot of stalls.

Taipa Houses (Museum)

Couple taking Wedding Photos

Taipa Village Food Street

The Pinochio Restaurant in Taipa Village near the flea market

Taipa Flea Market

After the flea market, we went to the Taipa Houses Museum. Took some photos and strolled the food street, Rua Do Cunha (官也街). Saw a few eating places that were recommended by the forum people such as Restaurant Dumbo, Galo and Panda. Then we decided to go into a shop called 城昌饭店 to try the crab porridge. We ordered a small one at MOP$120 and tried to finish it. After that, we bought some ginger candies from a shop before getting desserts from a shop recommended called 莫义记. SWT had serrendura cake (MOP$12) and I had mango drink with sago and pomelo (MOP$18).

Dumbo Restaurant in Taipa Village

Taipa Village (Cheng Chang Restaurant)

Crab Porridge

Mok Yi Kei Gelatina - 80+ years of selling durian ice cream and agar agar

Walked back to Venetian to have a look around and walked the Canal Shoppes. Inside the Venetian was very nice and grand; the ceiling looked like sky and had a river with gondolas. There were people performing near the Canal too. Took some photos and after that, moved to Four Seasons Hotel to look at the shops before going to CoD to get the tickets for the Dragon's Treasure Show at The Bubble. We got the 9pm show and therefore had about 2+hours to kill. Went to Hard Rock Hotel to look at the mermaids, looked around the shops then ate dinner at the City Café inside CoD.

Some pictures of the interior and exterior of Venetian:

About 8+pm, we queued to go in for the show. While at the holding area, there were two performers dressed in fish costumes and played some games to entertain us. The Bubble was similar to our Science Centre Omni Theater with a dome-shape ceiling. The show was very nice. After that, we went to take the shuttle bus back to Hotel Sintra and walked back to our guesthouse. Along the way in a small street, we saw Margaret's Cafe e Nata and decided to eat there the next morning. By the time we got back to the guesthouse, it was around 10+pm.

Our tickets

Thoughts: Lots of guesthouses as well as hotels in the area that we stayed. Taipa Flea Market was a letdown. The stalls there were similar to our basam malam here. The Taipa Houses Museum is worth checking out coz you can get a lot of information on lives in early Macau. If you are a foodie, you will be spoiled for choices on which restaurants or café to choose and there are a lot of things to try.

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