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18 May 10 – Day 3 (Macau)

Woke up around 7+am and KC was commenting that it was a clear day and that I could do my SkyJump at the Macau Tower. We were out on the street about 8+am. Walked to Senado Square to eat breakfast at Wong Chi Kei (黃枝記). SWT had 水饺面汤, hot lemon honey; KC had Luncheon Meat Bun with Yuan Yang; I had wonton noodle dry with Yuan Yang. Noodle was springy and thinner than our local thin noodle. Wonton has shrimps inside and soup was tasty. Then we went to see the Lovers’ Street again and The Holy House of Mercy was opened. So decided to go in to have a look since we missed that the day before.

Wong Chi Kei

KC's breakfast: Luncheon meat bun

SWT's breakfast consisting of warm Honey Lemon drink (MOP$10), Chinese Tea and Shui Jiao Noodle Soup (MOP$23)

My breakfast consisting of Chinese Tea, Yuan Yang (MOP$11), Wonton Noodle Dry (MOP$30) and a bowl of soup.

Went in, climbed up the stairs and were greeted by an old man. He said we can take as many photos as we want and we were even allowed to use flash. SWT was using an SDL camera and hence struck a conversation with the old uncle. He showed us the various spots for good photos and even showed us how to capture good angle. We spent 1+hour there just taking photos and didn’t even get to see all the exhibits and the interior properly. That uncle was really friendly and chatty. He worked there for 38 years and just before we left, he even showed us the photos that he took in the Museum and also with the visitors of the Museum.

Some pictures taken in Holy House of Mercy with the Uncle:

We left the place and headed to Three Lamps District. The place was similar to our old Tiong Bahru Market where stalls sell fruits, vegetables, clothes, towels, etc. Walked around the area and then headed to Red Market, which was similar or rather more like a wet market. Asked around and found a bus stop to take bus 25 all the way down to Hac Sa Beach. Got off and walked to the beach and was disappointed. It wasn’t as black as what I had expected or as seen in pictures. Not many people were there, the people there were mostly workers. Only a small stretch was opened, while the rest were blocked for some construction work. Sat on a bench for a while before talking bus 25 back to Coloane Village. Once alighted, we saw a branch of Lord Stow Café and decided to eat lunch there. I had an egg tart (MOP$7), Blueberry Cheesecake (MOP$18), fruit tea and honey (MOP$12) while SWT had an egg tart, an almond croissant, fruit tea and honey while KC had an egg tart with ice lemon tea.

A few on Hac Sa Beach and Coloane Village:

The photo that I submitted for the "Bare Your Sole Photo Competition 2010" in Facebook, which eventually won me a $150 CapitaLand vouchers

Lord Stow's Garden Cafe in Coloane Village

Fruit Tea with Honey costing MOP$12

Egg Tarts, Almond Crossiant and Blueberry Cheesecake

Done eating and the gals suggested going to Macau Tower, didn’t explore Coloane Village and took bus 25 back to Macau Peninsular. It drizzled while on the bus and I was secretly happy coz I was having second thought about doing SkyJump. We alighted at a spot near Wynn and took a cab (MOP$25.50) there since there wasn’t any bus that goes there. I bought the SkyJump with entrance to the Observation Deck package at HK$1,018 while SWT and KC paid HK$100 each for the entrance fee to the Observation Deck. The staff took a photo of us in front of a backdrop of the Macau Tower before we took the lift up. SWT and KC got off the lift at the 58th floor, which was the Indoor Observation Lounge while I proceeded up to the 61st floor, which was the Outdoor Observation Deck where all the outdoor activities such as SkyWalk, SkyJump, Bungy Jump, Mast Climb were conducted.

Some pictures taken from Macau Tower (not by me though):

Registered for my jump, given a t-shirt to put on and left my watch with the counter coz I didn’t have my wallet with me to get a locker (my belongings were with SWT). Changed into the covered shoes provided coz I was wearing sandals and then one of the staff put on the safety harness for me. Asked him, which is scarier, the SkyJump or the Bungy Jump and he said the latter. The speed for SkyJump is controlled while Bungy Jump is free falling. A guy before me did Bungy Jump and he had a group of friends to cheer him on and I started to pity myself coz I was alone. Waited in the holding area and saw the guy in front jumped. I felt nervous and started to think why I was so determined to do the jump in the first place.

Then I heard my name called and it was SWT and KC. They came up to cheer me on. Went into the preparation deck and sat there while waiting for the staff to prepare the cables. While waiting, a staff took video cam and interviewed me while another took series shots of the process and me. It was very windy out there and soon it was the 5min call. The jumpmaster checked my safety harness, cables and told me how to position my hands and that I was to step out with right foot. Soon it was the 2min call and I was led to the edge, told to put my hands in front and be prepared to step out with right foot. I didn’t jump at the first call coz I was still afraid. On the second call, I took the leap of faith.

The first few seconds were free falling but the cable behind me soon came to a taut and the fall was controlled. I lifted up my head to see far out to the rest of Macau City. Reached the ground in less than 20sec and two staff who were waiting on the inflated balloon steadied me and took off the cables and safety harness while giving me praises. Felt proud of myself and may consider bungy jumo next time. Went back up to the Outdoor Observation Deck to collect my watch, sandals, certificates, membership card, view the DVD and photos which in the end I bought the DVD. Walked around the deck before going to the Indoor Observation Lounge to take a look and then headed down to the ground floor. We saw the photo that we took before going up the Tower but we didn’t buy coz it was too expensive.

My SkyJump Certificate

MOP$1,018 for SkyJump and Observation Deck Entrance Fee (include Exclusive T-Shirt, Lifetime Membership Card and Certificate). MOP$199 for DVD

Took a shuttle to CoD coz KC wanted to buy the Alice in Wonderland bag from one of the shops in Venetian. After that we took the shuttle bus to Hotel Sintra and walked back to guesthouse. Rest for a while before going out for dinner at a shop nearby where we had roast pork, char siew and black pepper roast duck rice with vegetables. SWT and KC had difficulties finishing while I was happy to finish whatever was on my plate. Walked to New Yaohan and bought a lot of food from the supermarket. Didn’t buy the congee supper, which we wanted coz we were too full from dinner. Got back to guesthouse and used the Internet access to google for the Chinese address to Nam Peng Café which KC was determined to go.

Our dinner: 三拼饭 (Roast Meat, Char Siew and Black Pepper Roast Duck with Rice) and Veg.

Thoughts: Not worth going to Coloane area unless you are into nature walk and water sports and determined to try the Lord Stow’s egg tarts. Three Lamps District and Red Market are like wet market so no point going. Unless it was because we didn’t know how to explore the area for good bargains. Holy House of Mercy is definitely worth visiting coz of the nice uncle and nice views for photos. Macau Tower isn’t worth checking out unless you want to try the outdoor activities like me and to see the whole of Macau on a clear day.

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