Thursday, May 20, 2010

20 May 10 – Day 5 (Macau)

Woke up around 6+am after KC had taken her shower. She wanted to go get egg tarts from Margaret's Cafe e Nata but SWT said she only wanted a bite therefore we decided that there was no point getting. By the time we were all done washing up and last round of packing, it was 7+am and it started to drizzle. Suggested going to the airport early in case there was a traffic jam or it started to rain heavily. Handed the room key to the uncle and carried our heavy luggage down the stairs. Managed to get a cab in a few minutes and reached the airport around 7.50am. The journey was about 20min or so and cost MOP$74.

As we were not allowed to bring water beyond the check-in point therefore we had to eat our bread and finish our drink at the area just before the check-in point. KC’s luggage weighed 17.2kg; SWT's weighed 15.6kg and mine weighed 15.4kg. We were not charged extra for the excess but were told not to do it again in future. Walked around the airport and shops to spend the MOP$30 that I got as change from the cab fare. KC bought a cup of coffee for MOP$16 and I bought a jelly for MOP$10 and got back HK$4. Waited for our flight till 10am before we saw the plane landed. We only boarded the plane at 10:15am, which was supposed, be the departure time. After 3hr 25min we were back to Singapore.

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