Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 Apr 11 (Sat) - Cream Cheese and White Wine Pasta with Chicken, Ham and Oyster Mushrooms

Had some cream cheese left from last month's baking and didn't know what to do with it. So googled on recipes that make use of cream cheese. Found that it can be used to cook as a sauce for pasta so copied a simple sauce recipe and decided to try it out today.

Bought a piece of chicken breast meat yesterday so cut it into thin slices, cut the two slices of leftover picnic ham into bite size, washed a few pieces of oyster mushrooms and minced some garlic. Measured the cream cheese, margarine, milk and white wine. The recipe actually asked for butter but I only have margarine so make do with it.

Filled a pot with water and added two handfuls of wholemeal spirals that I had bought yesterday. Boiled the spirals till they were cooked then added the oyster mushrooms and off the heat after about three minutes. Drained the water, arranged them onto two plates and left them to cool.

Heated up the frying pan with some margarine and garlic. After the margarine had melted, added the chicken slices and the ham. When the chicken meat was cooked, off the heat and arranged the chicken slices and ham onto the pasta.

Added the cream cheese and margarine into the frying pan and melted them on low heat till smooth and creamy. Then stirred in the milk, white wine, some salt and pepper till combined. When the sauce started to boil, off the heat and pour the sauce over the pasta and chicken meat that had been arranged on the plates.

Took some photos of my creation and then started eating. Was worried that I might overcooked the chicken meat but they turned out alright. This is the first time I tried wholemeal spirals and they had a rough texture than the normal kind of spirals. I guess all wholemeal products have rough texture. Still have a big pack left, will have to get used to it and finish the pack soon.

San Remo Wholemeal Spirals

 Cream Cheese and White Wine Pasta

Ingredients A (serves 2):
two handfuls wholemeal spirals
1 piece chicken breast meat - sliced
2 slices picnic ham - bite size
6 pieces oyster mushrooms
garlic - minced

Ingredients (Sauce):
60g cream cheese
10g margarine (or butter)
45ml milk
garlic - minced
white wine
salt and pepper

1.  Boil spirals in a pot of water
2.  Add oyster mushrooms when spirals turn soft and cook for another 3mins
3.  Arrange on plates to cool
4.  Heat up a frying pan with margarine and garlic
5.  Once margarine has melted, add chicken meat and ham
6.  Off heat when chicken is cooked and arrange meat and ham onto pasta
7.  Melt cream cheese and margarine in frying pan till smooth and creamy
8.  Stir in milk, white wine, garlic, salt and pepper till combined
9.  Off heat when sauce starts to boil and pour over the pasta

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