Thursday, October 27, 2011

27 Oct 11 (Wed) - Strawberry Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips (Part 2)

Took out the ice cream this morning to check and they were solid. Tasted a little and it was yummy but still a bit icy. Took the smaller box to work and was expecting it to melt by the time I reached office. Surprisingly it didn't turn to liquid so quickly put it into the freezer. Got my usual group of tasters to test the ice cream and these were the feedback I got.

EL said she couldn't really taste the strawberries, just a bit sourish.

KC commented that the texture was more like sherbet than ice cream.

Other tasters such as NLK, TYY and GL commented that it was yummy, creamy, not too sweet and the texture was smooth and good given that it was hand-churned.

Got home, tried to scoop the ice cream into the plastic cup to take photo but the shape of the ice cream wasn't quite round coz I didn't have an ice cream scoop to do the job and also the ice cream was really melting fast. Oh well... Like the blogger of The Little Teochew said "Yeah, the things we do for our blogs!"

Hand-churned Strawberry Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

Thought about the reasons why my ice cream was still icy and I could think of a couple:

1.  I didn't whisk enough
2.  My estimations of the ingredients used were off

Chanced upon this blog called "Ice Cream @ Home" and one of the posts was title "How do I reduce the iciness of hand churned ice cream?". Read it and figured that perhaps what the blogger has written could be the solution to my problem. My freezer could be too cold such that the mixture crystallised too fast and I should have churned the mixture at shorter intervals. Oh well... now I know.

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