Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 Nov 11 (Sat) - Chocolate Coffee Balls

After a long, exhausted week at work, the long weekend was very much welcomed. Didn't go up to sis's place coz I was hoping to get some rest, get some housework done and get some of my favourite cooking done. Had some chocolate buttons and coffee biscuits left and so decided to make chocolate balls again.

This time round, I made some modifications to my previous attempt and the balls seemed to turn out better than before. Made used of one of the pieces of the glassware that I bought recently for the photoshoot before the taste test. This time the balls were softer and didn't need to be thawed before eating. Though I used coffee biscuits, the coffee taste wasn't strong enough.

Coffee Biscuits
Chocolate Coffee Balls before coating

Chocolate Coffee Balls

Ingredients (Makes 18):
110g coffee biscuits
90g chocolate buttons
20g margarine
2 tsp honey
some hazelnuts
some coffee biscuit powder for coating

1.  Put biscuits into a ziplock bag, crush them to bits, run through a sieve and use only the fine powder
2.  Melt the chocolate buttons, margarine and honey on a plate over a pot of boiling water
3.  Pour the biscuit powder into the chocolate mixture and mix well
4.  Knead the dough with hands to combine them properly
5.  Tear out some dough and roll between the palms to make into chocolate ball
6.  Press the thumb in the centre of the ball to make it shape like a cup
7.  Place a hazelnut inside, seal the opening and roll it between the palms to make it round
8.  Coat the balls with coffee biscuit powder
9.  Put in the fridge to chill

---------------- Edited on 08 Nov 2011 ----------------

Brought the chocolate coffee balls to office for taste test. Generally the feedback was “good”, “nice” and so on. One of the colleagues asked me what ingredients went into the chocolate coffee balls. So described to her and she said she couldn’t taste the biscuits. Explained that it could be because I was using the powdered form of the biscuits and not just biscuit bits.

Anyway, there wasn't a lot of tasters to start with coz most of them were either not feeling well or down with flu and cough. Must be the weather. Besides, with the festive seasons coming along, guess I better stop bringing food to office for taste test for the time being as I don't think there will be many takers. They would want to play safe and not to fall sick during the festive seasons ahead.

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