Friday, November 11, 2011

11 Nov 11 (Fri) - Banana Ice Cream

Happy Peppero Day! Today is 11/11/11, occurs only once in a hundred year.

Bought a bunch of bananas on Sunday but couldn't finish them in time so decided to transform the remaining two bananas into ice cream. I have read about this recipe called the "one-ingredient ice cream" from a few blogs, one of them is "The Kitchn" with a step-by-step picture guide. So decided to try it myself today. The steps from all the blogs are the same, just some variations here and there with extra ingredients such as chocolate chips, honey, cocoa powder, peanut butter and so on.

As the bananas were already very ripe with brown spots forming on the skin, I cut them into small chunks on Wednesday night and threw them into the freezer. They were frozen solid by the time I took them out this evening to process in the food processor. The result was those of the soft serve ice cream. Scoped some out onto a bowl together with two small scoops of the pomegranate sorbet. Took a quick couple of shots before eating them. It was heavenly!

From this...
... to this

2 ripe del monte bananas

1.  Peel and cut the bananas into small chunks
2.  Store them in a container and freeze overnight
3.  Put the frozen banana slices into a food processor and blitz them
4.  Scrape them down if they get stuck to the side
5.  Continue to blitz and soon they turn creamy like soft serve ice cream
6.  Store the ice cream in a container and freeze it again for harder texture

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