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30 Nov 11 – Day 6 (Eumundi Markets, Noosa Avalon Cottages, Hastings Street)

Everyone got up early coz we needed to check out of Cedar Lake Country Resort to go to Sunshine Coast. The guy in unit 17 did not come back with any quote or show his face. On our way to the car, we saw that guy’s car still parked in the exact same spot in the exact same position. BIL went over to check out the car and found out that it was actually a rental car from Hertz. Anyway, we checked out and spent nearly 2 hours on the road, partly due to a traffic jam. Reached Eumundi Markets about 11+am and we tried to look for parking space. Parked along the main road and BIL checked with the traffic police about the methods of payment for parking fee. It turned out that parking along the main road was only for 30 minutes. He told BIL to drive to the big open field carpark behind the market where he could park longer. So got back into the car and looked for the carpark.

There was a lady sitting at the entrance to the carpark collecting parking fee of A$5 which would go to the community. There were many stalls in Eumundi Markets selling clothes, accessories, handicrafts, knick knacks, food and drinks. All were interesting to see but expensive to buy, at least for me. Clothes were nice but not my kind of style, I hardly wear accessories, no place to display artworks at home so only left food and drinks. As it was close to lunchtime, so BIL suggested getting something to eat while we walked. Lyn bought a sausage roll from one of the stalls; sis bought a set of sandwich from an alternate stall where BIL also bought a banana milkshake from. There was a heavy passing shower just when they were getting the sandwich and milkshake. Fortunately, there were ample shelters around for people to walk.

After we finished the section that was near the carpark, we crossed the road to the other section that was nearer to the main road. There were some fruit stalls there, some massage stalls and so on. I walked faster than the rest coz they were held back at one of the fruit stalls looking at mangoes and BIL eventually bought two. Then there was a small section where the stalls were selling food such as Dutch pancakes and Asian laksa. After we were done covering the whole place, BIL suggested that we find a place for proper lunch but could not find any. I did see a cafe in the middle of the market but did not suggest to BIL coz I had a feeling that it would probably be shot down. In the end, it was decided that we would go back to the area that we got food from earlier on where there were some seats. As the rest were full so I went on my own to get lunch.

Walked to the corner of the street where I saw an old man with his mobile stall selling mini cinnamon doughnuts earlier on and bought a bag of 12 for A$3. After that, I passed by a stall selling muffins and bought a chocolate rosemary muffin for A$2.50. While crossing the road to the first section, I saw BIL and Lyn crossing over. BIL said Lyn wanted to eat ice cream. Found sis and Ry, sat myself down and started eating. The doughnuts were good. Finished my food and went to the stall beside the sausage stall where Lyn bought her sausage roll earlier on to get a small cup of ginger beer for A$1.50. It was worth the money coz it was very gingery, which I like very much. Was really tempted to get a bottle at A$4 but in the end the stingy side of me took over. BIL and Lyn came back and the ice cream turned out to be the Dutch pancake with ice cream and strawberries. Before we left, BIL bought a pack of five sausages from the stall that Lyn bought her sausage roll.

Entrance to Eumundi Markets

A street performer

Left after we finished eating to go to Noosa Avalon Cottages for the check in. It was another long drive where we passed by Pomona, a small town 5 minutes away from Noosa Avalon Cottages. The GPS indicated that we were very near to Noosa Avalon Cottages and we nearly missed the place coz it was a slip dirt road from the main road. Drove in and Lyn had to get down at one point to open the metal gate for the car to pass through. Waited for her to close the gate, got back into the car and drove further inwards. Came across a yellow dog and a teenage girl who told us that Linda, the owner, was not in and that the cottage that we had booked were opened and ready for us to move in. She pointed out the direction to the cottage and then BIL continued driving. There was another metal gate before the cottage and Lyn had to get down the car to open it.

Finally reached the cottage and we lugged the luggage into it. Once inside, the kids started commenting or rather complaining about the condition of the cottage and the fact that it did not have air-conditioning. Ry turned on the tv and said no Nickelodeon channel, a channel that they watched whenever they had a chance while in Cedar Lake Country Resort. The layout of the cottage was not too bad, it has a kitchen with counter top, shelves with books, a stack of playing cards, lots of old VCDs, there were two big rooms with a double bed each and a section along the corridor that was fitted with a single bed facing a row of netted windows with no fan and beside the toilet cum shower room. The two big rooms came with ceiling fans; the first had a cupboard with one side being faulty while the second room had a door that led out to the porch. The corner of the second room eve had a big spider wed and a spider on it.

Some  photos of the cottage :

Did some unpacking and announced that I would be taking the single bed coz I thought that I should at least let BIL sleep on proper bed since he had been sleeping on the sofa all the while back in Cedar Lake Country Resort. The arrangements for the other two rooms were such that Ry be occupying the first room with sis while Lyn would be in the second room with BIL. Came out to the kitchen and saw a lot of ants crawling near the mango jam and peanut butter. Quickly told BIL who was near the sink to wet a tissue paper to wipe the ants away and clean up the bottles of spreads.

We rested a while before heading out again to Hastings Street in Noosa Heads for a walk and dinner. Most of the shops along Hastings Street were sort of branded, we passed by the Noosa Heads Surf Life Saving Club and said that there’s an eating place inside but again the idea was shot down. Strolled on the wooden walkway next to the beach and stopped for a while to let the kids played with the sand. Saw many people, mostly Caucasians, sun tanning on the beach. They could just go there with a beach towel, laid it on the sand, took off their clothes and just suntanned in their swimwear without even going into the water for a dip.

Couple of photos of Noosa Beach :

Left to look for dinner and we went to this place called “La Vida Restaurant” which was quite popular coz the tables outside the shop were all reserved. I ordered fish of the day which was Barramundi, Lyn ordered Mooloolaba prawn pasta and Ry ordered seafood platter for two to share with BIL and sis. We shared the seafood platter and fish of the day except Lyn’s pasta and the food was really good. The Barramundi was cooked just right hence so the meat was very juicy and tender; the seafood was fresh and service was good. After we finished the food, we still had space for desserts. So BIL ordered the buttermilk pancake with ice cream, caramelized apple on sultana pizza with ice cream and warm chocolate cake. Again we shared the desserts and they were yummy.

Headed back to the cottage, again we had to go through the two metal gates. As it was really dark, sis suggested going out in pairs to open the gate. Ry took the first gate and sis wanted to follow but Ry shut the car door on her and my sis suffered a bad bump on her head. Lyn took the second gate and I went with her. Finally returned to the cottage, while the rest unpacked, I went for my shower. There was the hot and cold water tap but the hot one gave out cold water. Tried the cold water tap and the water was even colder. Had to shower using cold water and I was shivering badly at first. Fortunately after a while, the body was used to it and I managed to complete my shower.

Thinking that perhaps I did not switch on the heater that was why I did not have hot water, so after I was done, went out and asked BIL if there was any switch that I needed to turn on for hot water. He looked around but found none and the conclusion was that the hot water tap might be faulty. The kids were the first to groan but there was no other way out. Lyn then went for shower and asked sis to sit on the toilet bowl next to the shower screen to accompany her. The rest of us in the living room could hear her scream and shout while showering due to the cold.

Next was Ry who also asked my sis to accompany him during the shower and he finished fast. After he came out, he said that he lathered the soap on his hand, applied to his body and quickly rinsed off. Then my sis went for hers and asked BIL to accompany her. Did not know if she did ask him to sit on the toilet bowl or just wait outside and I did not want to find out. Oh well... guess I was the bravest of them after all. After everyone had showered, we played card games on the counter top and chatted. Finally we went to sleep about 11pm.

Thoughts: Eumundi markets is a nice place to walk if you are into accessories, artworks and knick knacks. Food wise, I really like the mini cinnamon doughnuts and the ginger beer a lot. Now when I think about it, I should have just bought extra to eat later the day. Noosa Avalon Cottages is probably not bad if we had stayed there during winter where it would be cooler and less mosquitoes. We could probably endure the lack of entertainment, after all, most of the time we would be out. The only downside was the lack of hot water for showering. Dinner was the best so far, food was delicious and service was good.

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