Tuesday, November 29, 2011

29 Nov 11 – Day 5 (Sea World)

Today we left for Sea World close to 11am and got there close to 12 noon. While getting the tickets, BIL saw the notice saying that the Jet Rescue ride is still not available yet. Oh well... By the time we bought the tickets, it was slightly after 12 noon. BIL studied the map and program sheet while the rest of us checked out the gift shop. He told us that the Jet Stunt would start at 12.30pm and that it would take place at the area right in front of the foodcourt so we decided to take lunch there and wait. Lyn and I had kid’s meal each which consisted of chicken nuggets, fries and small drink while BIL and sis had fish & chips with large drink and Ry had beef burger with fries with large drink. The Jet Stunt started promptly at 12.30pm and we got a great view from where we were seated. I took video of the performance while BIL used the 10 frames per second feature on his DSLR.

Entrance to Sea World
Jet Stunt Performers

After that, we followed the map to explore the other parts of Sea World. We saw the penguins, the touch pool with star fishes, sea urchins and sea cucumbers, went to Ray Reef where we saw adult and baby sting rays, Sharks Bay where we saw sharks and other deep sea fishes and so on. Passed by the dolphin nursery and saw a few dolphins in the pool. They were friendly and playful. A few of us and other visitors stood beside the pool and the dolphins swam very near to the edge and splashed water towards us using their tails and fins. One of them even tossed a piece of seaweed with his beak towards us, trying to get us to toss back and play with him. In one of his tosses, the seaweed hit my leg and bounced into a gap in the rocks which could not be retrieved. Took some photos of them before heading back to the Ray Reef where visitors were allowed to feed the sting rays with the small fishes provided at A$9 per cup. BIL bought two cups and while he and Ry fed the rays, the rest of us just watched and took photos.

Some photos taken while in Sea World :

Then we went to see the Dolphin show which was great before going for the helicopter ride. BIL chose the Currumbin Valley Scenic Tour which lasted 20 minutes. The feeling was like riding a plane just that you get more views. The pilot could have introduced us to the various spots that we flew past but we could not hear very well. Nevertheless, the view was good. Got off the helicopter and was told that we need to wait about 20 minutes for the complimentary DVD to be ready. So sat at the ice cream kiosk to wait and while waiting, Lyn and I bought a large cup of soft serve ice cream at A$6.90 each. After eating the ice cream, we went to the gift shop where Ry said he wants to get soft toys as gifts for friends.

Photos from helicopter ride :

BIL saw some soft toy paws selling at two for A$20 and told Ry to get that instead. So in the end, BIL took two for himself, Ry took two for his friends and chose another two more toys at two for A$20. While they were busy choosing soft toys, Lyn went to look for necklace and I went to browse for t-shirts. After we were all done choosing, we headed for the cashier where I made my own payment. While queuing, Ry saw a penguin soft toy and took that as well. The casher told me that one of the t-shirts that I took cost A$25 each and not the promotion of two for A$40 but he would double check to confirm. It took quite a while for him and his colleagues to check and finally he told me the t-shirts were on promotion price. He apologised for the delay and threw in a shopping bag as a small compensation.

Large soft serve ice cream

Left Sea World to go to Advancetown for dinner. During the journey, sis said that the merchandises in Sea World were either wrongly priced or spoilt. The first necklace that Lyn took had no price tag and no pendent, after asking the staff, it turned out that someone had took the pendant and the price tag away, leaving just the cord hanging on the rack. Reached Advancetown about 6pm and we went to the Italian restaurant opposite Ki Lun called "Lavelle Street Café" where I had ravioli ricotta with rose sauce. Finished dinner in one hour and went back to Cedar Lake Country Resort.

Lavelle Street Café

Ravioli ricotta with rose sauce

Went for my shower while the rest tried to squeeze the soft toys into the foldable grey bag that sis had brought along for the trip. By the time I came out, they were done with the task and one by one took turn to shower while the rest packed their clothing and souvenirs into the luggage. Watched tv with the others and then went to sleep at 10pm coz the next day had to be up early to check out.

Thoughts: Sea World was smaller than I had expected but the Jet Stunt and Dolphin show was good and fun to watch.

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