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27 Nov 11 – Day 3 (Cedar Lake Country Resort, Tamborine Mountain)

Originally today was supposed to cover Tropical Fruit World, Tamborine Mountain and Outback Spectacular; however, BIL suggested swapping the programs coz he was tired from the “Green Challenge” yesterday. After telling us that, he went back to sleep and sis decided to wash some clothes. As I was really bored, I got changed and went out to explore the resort. It was really hot and sunny out there when I went out about 9.20am and immediately I regretted my choice of clothes.

Saw the reception area, game room which was beside the reception area, restaurant on the other side of the reception, the swimming pool at the back of the restaurant, the lake, the paddle boats, the canoes and so on. Many children were at the pool with a few adults. Crossed the bridge to the other side of the lake and saw the stable block and the golf block. Took some photos along the way and headed back to the apartment.

Some photos of Cedar Lake Country Resort :

Got back after 30 minutes and BIL was awake. Soon one by one got up, washed up to eat breakfast. BIL wanted to do horse-riding but the kids were not keen. So instead, we did the paddling boat in the lake found in the resort. As each boat requires two persons two paddle so sis decided to just stay on the shore to take photos. I did not pack any beach shorts for the trip so sis lent me hers and I wore the only sleeveless top I had, which sis washed that morning and dried by the time I returned from the walk. Sis commented that the sun was really good for doing laundry.

Headed to the reception to collect the keys to the boats and life jackets and took a boat with Lyn while Ry rode with BIL. It was really scotching hot out there at 12.20pm and I could feel my skin burning up as I paddle. Paddled towards the bridge that I had crossed earlier to hide from the sun and BIL with Ry did that too. They then headed for shore while Lyn and I continued for a while more before calling it a day. Got out of the boat and quickly ran to the shade. BIL and the kids went to get drinks and ice cream and I gulped the cold peach tea gladly when they returned. Went back to the reception area to return the keys and told BIL to check about booking tickets to Outback Spectacular. The lady said that there was no price difference whether advance booking is made or not.

Some photos taken during boat paddling :

Returned to the apartment and some of us took quick rinse before heading out again to Tamborine Mountain about 2.20pm. We stopped at one point to take photos before continuing to the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk. Along the way, I saw the Polish Place restaurant that a TripAdvisor member recommended and some cottages selling artworks. Finally reached Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk about 3+pm, BIL bought the tickets and then we sat down to eat something before starting the walk. It was a metal hanging walking bridge above the rainforest with see-through walking grills.

My sis has a bit of height phobia and so signalled BIL to look after her. Took photos along the way, stopped to check out some signs and trees. Then we got to the part of the walking bridge where it was jutted out and when walked on, it swayed slightly. Returned to the start point closed to 5pm and headed to Outback Spectacular. Along the way, saw the Gallery Walk and BIL asked if we want to take a look and as usual, Ry was the first one to object. So in the end, we did not get to look around and in any case, quite a number of shops seemed to be closed.

Some photos taken on Tamborine Mountain and during the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk :

Got there about 5.30pm and it was still early coz Outback Spectacular only opens at 6.15pm. We had about 45 minutes to waste so parked the car and waited. We saw many people exiting from the Wet'n'Wild Water World and found it strange that there were no other cars around waiting to go into Outback Spectacular. Sis said maybe there would be coaches with tourists coming in later while BIL said maybe so happened we were the only group. As the carpark was quite empty, BIL decided to let sis practise her vertical parking. So the kids and I stood around to watch, after a while, Lyn started taking photos while Ry listened to music on his Ipod Touch. Walked around and went to check out the poster that hung on the gate. It wrote that tickets are available at the ticket counters of Movie World, online or through hotline. Quickly informed BIL about it and we drove over to Movie World to check but all the ticket counters were closed.

Some photos taken while waiting for Outback Spectacular :

Drove back to Outback Spectacular and it was already past 6.15pm and still the gate was closed. In the end, BIL decided to call the hotline to find out and it turned out that the show was suspended coz they were practising for new show which would commence from 6 December onwards. I was really disappointed coz I was so looking forward to the scrumptious dinner and free stockman’s hat. Sis said maybe if we had tried doing the online booking, it would have prompted us about this. BIL consoled by saying at least the time was not wasted coz she got to practise her vertical parking.

Left the area to look for dinner and we ended up returning to Advancetown. This time we ate at a fish & chip joint called Broughy's Seafood where BIL ordered the family pack that comes with two fillets, two scallop potatoes, six fish bites, large chips and BIL added two pineapple fritters. Wanted to take photos of the food but the kids were already digging in coz they were hungry. We could not finish the food and so brought back the balance. Headed to the nearby Coles but it was already closed and we got back to Cedar Lake Country Resort around 8+pm.

At Broughy's Seafood

Thoughts: I did not include the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk in the itinerary but BIL must have seen it on TripAdvisor and decided to go despite the fact that he had read that reviews were not really good. I thought the Gallery Walk on Tamborine Mountain would be like a small town or market place with stalls or shops close together selling paintings, craftwork and so on. However, the part I saw has each cottage spaced out apart some distance away from each other. Maybe I was not looking at the correct place, if it was indeed what I saw then I’m pretty disappointed. I could only imagine how great the Outback Spectacular show and how delicious the dinner would be, I would never know.

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