Saturday, December 3, 2011

3 Dec 11 – Day 9 (Noosa Heads)

Today was a rest and relax day. Since Eumundi Markets did not appeal to us so we decided not to go back there. As usual, sis woke up the earliest amongst us and it was followed by me. Ate bread with peanut butter and the extra raspberry cheesecake from the first night while watching tv. The rest got up much later and then BIL started making breakfast. He cooked sunny side up, scrambled eggs with bacons and toasts. So sis and I had second round of breakfast and it was really good with mangoes and mango juice as desserts. BIL told us to finish as many mangoes as we could coz out of the 30 odd mangoes, only a few could be brought back home. So each of us had about two each and the rest were to be kept for the evening.

My breakfast is missing a bacon mouth

Went out about 11+am to the Australian Nougat Company and the weather was clear and sunny. The place was small, just a cottage size with a factory and a shop space and it was quiet. It was after we got in and found out that they closed at 1pm on Saturday. We checked our watches and it was about 10 minutes to 1pm. So quickly grabbed a few bags of nougats and made payment. On the way back, we passed by another sign saying mangoes for A$6 so BIL drove in to check it out. He bought two trays of five mangoes each and paid A$12. We went back to the apartment to unload our purchases before going to Noosa Head to look for the Noosa Lookout and to go to the beach. Found a Laguna Lookout which was in the Noosa National Park and BIL drove in and up the slope. The view was not fantastic coz the bushes and trees were too tall.

Australian Nougat Company

Couple of photos from the Laguna Lookout :

Came back down and parked at the foot of the Noosa National Park. Took some photos and went down to the rocky side of the beach where BIL took more photos and the kids threw stones. After we were done, we went to the Hastings Street where BIL drove up and down the street several times trying to find a parking space. Finally found one and after parking, BIL saw his colleague with his wife and son. They chatted a little before going their separate ways. There was a beach volleyball event going on at the beach and so the beach was very crowded. Just after we entered the beach near the entrance of the Noosa Heads Surf Life Saving Club, we saw a sand sculpture and in front of it was a tin for donation.

A few more photos from the foot of the Noosa National Park :

Found a shady spot near the wooden walkway and sat down to let the kids play sand. BIL stayed with them while sis and I went for a walk along Hastings Street. Nothing really interesting and so we just bought a bottle of soft drink and two cups of ice cream, one rum & raisins and the other Dutch Chocolate Chips. After I was done eating, I walked down the beach on the sand to the edge of the water and let the waves that ran ashore to wet my feet. It was a nice feeling but I felt out of place coz I was not in swimwear or proper beachwear.

Royal Copenhagen Rum & Raisin Ice Cream

I saw seagulls strolling on the beach leaving footprints and was tempted to take photos but was too shy to do it. M came to mind and I thought if she was there, she probably would have enjoyed the beach and the photography opportunity very much. There were many people on the beach; they just came with beach towels and bags, simply laid the towel on the sand, took off their clothes and laid on the towel to suntan. Some went into the water, some did not, and some did surfing while other just played balls.

Some more photos while at Noosa Beach :

Left after about 1 hour at 4pm to head back, thinking we could perhaps try the swimming pool. Got back, took a peek at the swimming pool and it seemed shallow, besides, it was too windy for a swim so we abandoned the idea. Got back to the apartment and BIL called Bertoni’s to make a reservation for five at 6.30pm before taking a nap, leaving the rest to watch tv in the living room till 6pm. Reached the restaurant at 6.30pm, sat down and placed order for food. Sis ordered prawn delight penne, Lyn ordered ham and mushrooms penne, BIL had bolognaise spaghetti, Ry had “The Lot” pizza in medium size and I had seafood penne in cream sauce that came with scallops, prawns, white fish, garlic and chilli.

While eating, sis and BIL said that the seafood starter that I ordered the night before at Maisie’s cost only A$20 even though it was upgraded to main course. Then all of us agreed that they charged us wrongly for my portion coz Lyn’s garlic prawns with rice was charged extra due to the upgrade and I saw from the menu that the price for hers and mine should be the same. Anyway, tonight’s dinner was really good and Ry could not finish the pizza so we brought it back. Got back, showered, ate some more mangoes, packed up a little before sleeping around 10pm after finishing “The Lord of The Ring” on tv. Slept with the door closed, fan on low speed and the windows opened a little.

Thoughts: Visit to the beach would have been fun if we actually went into the sea or at least be in swimwear I guess. Dinner was again very good and I have chosen well tonight. Today has to be the one and only day that I had so many mangoes in my life.

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