Sunday, December 4, 2011

4 Dec 11 – Day 10 (Brisbane Airport, Singapore)

Sleep was good except that it got very humid in the middle of the night and I had to get up to open the door slightly to let more air into the room as well as increased the fan speed to high. Got up, cooked mi-goreng as breakfast coz we needed to clear as much food as possible. Then sis woke the rest up and BIL cooked the rest of the instant noodles for the kids and sis. Was not able to finish the pizza from last night, the mango jam and left two mangoes in the fridge. Got changed, quickly packed up the rest of the stuff and brought the luggage down to the living room. BIL managed to transfer all the soft toys from the grey foldable bag into the various suitcases.

We left the apartment about 9+am coz the check out time was 10am. Drove to the airport and stopped for petrol midway. Lyn bought a big box tic tac (40g) at A$4. Initially BIL wanted to go to the Big Pineapple coz it was supposedly to be on the way but guessed we missed it and so continued to the airport. Returned the car in the carpark, checked in the luggage and ate lunch. All of us ordered from the Noodle Box and I had Pad Thai that cost A$15. It got very salty as I came to the bottom of the food and in the end; I gave up after half a box. The rest also did not finish the food coz the noodle was not tasty. BIL then went to check out the gift shop nearby and bought some frozen abalones.

While at the security check, I got the beeped and realised that it was because of the belt I borrowed from sis. So had to take it off and walked through the machine again. Then at the immigration counter, we were told that we need to fill up the departure card and so had to move out of the queue just to fill up the card. Fortunately, the departure card did not have as many fields to fill as the arrival card and we got it done in about 10 minutes. Finally boarded the plane and it took off around 2.40pm. The flight took about 8 hours and the whole time I was thinking when I could get out of the plane coz there were quite a few babies and toddlers who were crying non-stop. The one behind me even kicked sis and my chair. I was really glad when we touched down and got off the plane.

Thoughts: Overall, this trip was not as good as I had hoped to be but fortunately not too bad even though we had hiccups over the cottage stay and did not get to visit a couple of places that we had planned.

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