Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28 Dec 11 (Thu) - Cranberry with Blueberry Jam Ice Cream

Been wanting to try out this strawberry jam ice cream recipe that I found few weeks ago. Thought I could do it over last long Christmas weekend but sis said her freezer would be packed with food. Did not think I could do it over this coming long New Year weekend and I desparately wanted to try it out so made a decision to do it this evening. Went to NTUC after work to get a small packet of whipping cream and a bottle of jam before heading home.

Cranberry with Blueberry Jam

Since I did the strawberry ice cream previously so thought I would do blueberry ice cream. However, I was not tall enough to get the wild blueberry jam so settled for the cranberry with blueberry jam instead. After the previous attempt, I found out that my freezer is quite cold and hence instead of churning every 2 hours, I churned every 1 hour for about 3 times before leaving it in the freezer to freeze overnight.

Cranberry with Blueberry Jam Ice Cream

200ml whipping cream
100ml cranberry with blueberry jam
4 tbsp icing sugar

1.  Divide the whipping cream into 2 portions
2.  Mix one portion of the whipping cream with the jam till well combined
3.  Add icing sugar to the other portion of the whipping cream and whisk till well combined
4.  Stir the jam mixture into the icing sugar mixture
5.  Pour the mixture into a container of your choice and put into the freezer
6.  Take out after 1 hour to churn using a spoon and repeat this step for another 3 times
7.  Leave the mixture in the freezer overnight for it to firm

---------------- Edited on 29 Dec 2011 ----------------

Took the ice cream out in the morning and scooped some to take photo as well as to taste. The texture was closer to commercial ice cream but I found it a bit sweet and the jam taste very strong. Took the rest to office thinking that I could get my usual group of tasters to do the taste test. However, I only found out that most of them were on leave when I got to office. The staff movement chart did not show the records. I guessed either they took last minute leave or their approving officers did not approve their leave forms in time.

Was so afraid that there would be left over that I even sent chat messages to those unlikely persons for taste test. Overall feedback was good with NLK commenting that she preferred the previous strawberry ice cream coz I used real fruits. S said it was nice and not too sweet, however KH said it was a bit too sweet. Oh well... Personally I also prefer using real fruits to jam. Perhaps next round I could try honeydew ice cream or rockmelon ice cream.

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