Sunday, March 8, 2015

8 Mar 15 (Sun) - Strawberry Ice Cream

Had some dried rose buds sitting in the pantry and wanted to try to make use of them. So surfed the Internet and found a strawberry ice cream recipe that uses Greek yogurt, rosewater and rose petals. Tried the recipe yesterday without adding rose petals but was called out for an outing after I had mixed the ingredients. Got back in the late evening to try and churn as much as possible but the mixture was too icy.

Left the mixture in the freezer overnight and checked it again today. The texture was still towards the icy side. Taste-wise... It tasted more like strawberry frozen yogurt than ice cream and I couldn't taste or smell any hint of rose. Perhaps I should have used the real rosewater essence instead of DIY the rosewater myself or maybe I didn't make the rosewater concentrated enough. Anyway, it still tasted good and just in time to celebrate International Women's Day.

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