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12 Mar 16 (Sat) - Beetroot Ice Cream

It has been a long time since I have made any desserts and after having tried cooking beetroot previously, I had this idea of incorporating it into ice cream. I know this is not a new idea so went about searching for a recipe on the Internet. Found a few but those require the use of eggs, dug around some more and found this Eggless Beetroot Ice Cream by Mayuri's Jikoni. Modified it a little to adapt to my own ice cream recipe and ended up with an earthly-taste ice cream with a slightly icy texture. The beetroot that I bought weighed about 270g and as to why I used soy milk is because I happened to have that instead of milk.

50ml soy milk
80g caster sugar
200ml whipping cream
200g beetroot, peeled and sliced

1.  Cook sliced beetroot using Happy Call Pan (HCP) with lid closed till soften over low heat
2.  Remove beetroot from HCP and place into a blender
3.  Add sugar and soy milk
4.  Blend the mixture till beetroot is completely crushed
5.  Sieve the mixture and press the residue to extract as much juice as possible
6.  Clean the blender and add back the beetroot juice into the blender
7.  Add in whipping cream and process for a about 15-20 seconds
8.  Pour mixture into a container of your choice and put into the freezer
9.  Remove from freezer after 2 hours to churn* with a fork
10.  Repeat step (9) for another three times before freezing it overnight

* Try to churn the mixture in a whisking manner to try to incorporate as much air into the mixture as possible

I was left with about half a bowl of sweeten beetroot residue, throwing it away seemed to be a waste, so I kept it in an airtight box in the fridge while I think of what other desserts I can use it for. Search the Internet for ideas and found this website called “My Baby Recipe” that lists recipes on steam cakes. Scrolled through the list, chose this one called “Steamed Banana Cupcakes” and decided that I would change the banana to beetroot instead.

---------------- Edited on 22 Mar 2016 ----------------

Brought a small tub of the ice cream to office for my usual group of tasters to try and received positive feedback. CC commented that the ice cream was nice and unique with a strong buttery initial taste that transformed into strong beetroot aftertaste.

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