Saturday, February 27, 2010

27 Feb 10 (Sat) - Chicken with Bamboo Shoots (Ayam Ponteh)

Spending the weekend at my sis’s place again and decided to try out my latest recipe from the Paranakan Cuisine course - Ayam Ponteh (Chicken with Bamboo Shoots). Overall comment of the dish was good.

Ayam Ponteh - Chicken with Bamboo Shoots
(Chicken, Bamboo Shoots, Chinese Mushrooms, Garlic and Shallots)

10 chicken wings
5g salt to marinate chicken wings
10ml dark soya sauce to marinate chicken wings
20ml cooking oil
30g chopped garlic
30g shallots cut into small pieces
1.5ltr water
80g sliced bamboo shoots
150g shitake mushrooms

Seasoning Ingredients:
15g sugar
1/2 chicken cube
10ml oyster sauce
A dash of white pepper
10g light soya sauce
20g yellow bean paste

1. Marinate chicken wings with salt and dark soya sauce for half an hour
2. Lightly fried the sliced bamboo shoots till golden
3. Heat up oil in a pot and saute the chicken wings with garlic and shallots untill frangrant
4. Add water and seasoing ingredients with bamboo shoots and mushrooms
5. Simmer untill the gravy becomes thick for around 20min in low heat
6. Ensure the chicken wings are cooked

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