Friday, February 19, 2010

19 Feb 10 (Fri) – SoEZ Lesson 2 (Jap)

Took leave today for cooking lesson coz I need to clear leave anyway. Went for another Japanese Cuisine course at 3pm so that after lesson, I could meet up with sis and BIL to hitch a ride back to their house to spend the weekend. As it was a weekday afternoon lesson, so there were only three persons in the class, a couple and myself. The instructor was Chef Kent Seah and he remembered me from the previous lesson. Today we were taught Gindara Nitsuke (Poached Cod Fish), Yaki Udon and Teapot Soup. Didn’t bring back the soup coz Chef said it doesn’t taste nice after it cooled. So all of us sat down and sipped our soup after the lesson ended early than the scheduled time. After lesson, took a bus to Raffles Place to meet up with sis and waited for BIL to knock off before going back to his place. Took photos of my creations before letting the rest of them sampled the food.

Gindara Nitsuke - Poached Cod Fish

Yaki Udon

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