Saturday, September 25, 2010

24 Sep 10 - Day 1 (Singapore)

Left the house and waited at the pickup point for M just before 7:30pm. She came down with her dad and she was late. Loaded our luggage into the car and her dad drove us to the Changi Airport. It was the first day of the F1 race and there was a heavy traffic jam near the CBD area. Fortunately the traffic cleared up after that area and we managed to get to the airport about 8:30pm. Got to Terminal 2 Row 1, found the SA check-in lady and handed her our passports where she did the necessary procedures. After that, we checked in our luggage and walked around to look for something to eat. M had heavy dinner so didn’t eat much except for a cup of coffee while I asked for Kaya and Butter Toast and a cup of coffee and her dad had laksa with coffee. Chatted over our food and then M realized that she had forgotten to put her own camera into her backpack. Fortunately she put mine into her luggage.

Checked-in about 9:30pm and waited at the designated gate. The plane took off around 10:45pm and we were seated in the middle seats with two other ladies who were also on SA Tour. The flight took about 6 hours and so watched a movie on the plane and ate Seafood Fried Rice before taking some rest.

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