Monday, January 3, 2011

3 Jan 11 (Mon) - Chawamushi

Have a few pieces of chicken cake left from yesterday and thinking what else I can cook to go with them as tomorrow's lunch. So decided to make chawamushi. Googled for recipes and came across two. So copied them down and made some modifications by combining and changing some steps.

The ingredients stated in both recipes made four servings but I only need one hence did some calculations to try and derive the amount needed for one serving. Headed home after work and searched the fridge for whatever ingredients I can find. Found some seafood sticks, a slice of frozen fish and some wolfberries.

Defrost one seafood stick and a small piece of the fish while soaking four wolfberries in water. Then used 1/3 of the chicken cube to make chicken stock with 200ml hot water. Tried to cool the chicken stock by placing the cup in ice water and adding in the seasoning to the chicken stock but didn't manage to get it to room temperature in time. Thinking that 200ml of chicken stock seemed to be a lot, reduced the amount to 180ml. Added the egg to the mixture and stirred it till the egg combined with the mixture. However, because I didn't cool the chicken stock to room temperature, a bit of the egg was solidified.

Placed the cut seafood stick, cut fish and wolfberries in a microwavable bowl then strain the egg mixture into the bowl. Being lazy again, I didn't use cling wrap during the cooking process. Instead I just left the cover over the bowl and let it cook in the microwave oven on medium heat for 6mins. After 6mins, there was still quite a bit of liquid in the bowl though the egg seemed to have set somewhat. And also since I didn't cover the bowl properly, the surface of the chawamushi broke to pieces. Tried to cook it for another 2.5mins but the amount of liquid didn't reduce by a lot.

So the result was not the best looking chawamushi but the taste was just right. Guess I need to improve on the amount of chicken stock used and the cooking process. Next time I will get it right, just like the steam milk custard.


The ingredients and the methods below are adjusted to be used on my next attempt. Shall report on the results when I try them or if there are any readers out there who want to try them out. Let me know the results. The ingredients listed below are just for the egg mixture, basically one can add anything to the chawamushi, such as fishcake, shredded chicken meat, etc.

1 egg
1/4 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp cooking sake
1/4 tsp mirin
1/4 tbsp light soya sauce
1/4 chicken cube
125ml water

1.  Dissolve 1/4 chicken cube with 125ml water to make chicken stock
2.  Add sugar, cooking sake, mirin and light soya sauce to the chicken stock
3.  Make sure the chicken stock is at room temperature before adding the egg
4.  Use a chopstick to stir the egg in a cutting motion to combine egg and chicken stock without creating too much foam
5.  Place other ingredients that you like (e.g. fishcake, shredded chicken meat) into a bowl
6.  Strain the egg mixture into the bowl
7.  Cover the bowl with foil
8.  Steam over high heat for 10mins
9.  Off the heat and serve hot

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