Saturday, April 21, 2012

21 Apr 12 (Sat) - Chawamushi with Crabsticks

Didn't plan to do any cooking today because I thought I will go out for some shopping but it rained early in the morning and so decided to stay home instead. Saw the Cookoff Wednesday photo album on Munch Ministry Facebook page and decided to try cooking the Crab Meat Egg Custard.

The result was a not so smooth and rather dark colored egg custard. Didn't know what went wrong exactly because it seems that my recent attempts at steam milk custards also didn't give me a smooth surface. I suspect it was because I steamed the custards on a slightly higher than low heat but when I looked through my past recipes, they all called for either high or medium-high heat. Sigh...

As for the darker than usual color, I guess it was due to a slightly more than called for amount of light soya sauce used due to trembling hands and also because I was using the Japanese light soya sauce. Oh well...

Chawamushi with Crabsticks

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